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United Biscuits Strategies Spelt Out By Jayant Kapare

In an interview with ET  Mr Jayant Kapare- President  Indian Operations of United Biscuits  spelt out  strategies  by which United Biscuit  would garner  foot hold in Indian Rs 6000/-crore   biscuit market . United Biscuits have entered biscuit market last year through acquisition  of   manufacturing unit in himachal pradesh and has launched Mcvities brand of biscuits .UB claims to have reached 100 towns in India in span of  two months . United biscuits is one of world major biscuit manufacturers based at UK .UB is followed by Kraft  Foods Inc to capture Indian biscuit market .

Here are excerpts  from the interview

What took United Biscuits so long to enter India?

Kapre : United Biscuits has several international market priorities. India was obviously a key gap in our market presence, and as soon as we addressed our other priorities, we set up a project team to prepare our entry strategy. I believe that this is an opportune time to enter India, given the disposition consumers now have for quality products and the power of this market that’s becoming clear to all. We may have taken our time entering, but will now drive our agenda hard in India.

You have entered a category dominated by Parle and Britannia. Then there are others like ITC’s Sunfeast, Priyagold and Cremica. Kraft too is scouting the market. What’s going to be your strategy to get market share and consumers?

Kapre : There are three truths about this market — it is very large, has robust underlying growth and consumers are constantly upgrading their product basket. We will offer better products with better ingredients, stay on top of the innovation curve and offer all this at relevant value. Gaining a foothold in a short period in this category is not easy, but we have done it, though there’s still much to do. Everyone in the organisation is on a high learning curve. We now have a pan-India presence in more than 100 towns, which we achieved in two months of operations. We can step up distribution whenever we need to. My current priority is to ensure that channel partners are pleased with the business. We have also had good experience with our modern trade partners. 

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