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How Organic Are These Organic Labeled Bakery Products

Corporates  are cashing on huge demand for organic products with several  claims of  organic  foods  declared in bold letters on their packaging . Organic foods have gained popularity as consumers  relate source of illness and disease to the chemicals , pesticides and artificial preservatives  used in foods.

Few companies of course are  into genuine organic  food manufacturing  but they all have been taken over by these  corporates  by ""greenwash "" declaring  their products to be organic  with USDA logo prominently displayed on the pack . Legal  definitions and requirement are manipulated as the definitions and standards are not clear and can be manoeuvred by these companies .
Read  Article on How companies are duping consumers with organic claims
An excerpt from the article

In February, mega-food company Sara Lee launched the Eco-Grain™ label for its EarthGrains breads with a major marketing campaign that blanketed the Web, Facebook, Twitter and National Public Radio.

Sara Lee billed the trademarked product as “environmentally friendly” bread that “will save the earth, one field at a time” because Eco-Grain wheat is grown with “precision agriculture.”

Though actually used in small proportions in its EarthGrains brand breads, Eco-Grain is touted by the company as more sustainable than organic grain. What has been described as a “crass and exploitative marketing ploy” has angered many in the organic community.

“For Sara Lee to claim that their wheat is ecologically grown and sustainable, when they appear to make no effort to reduce or eliminate their use of toxic pesticides that have terrible effects on the environment and public health, is highly disingenuous,” said Nathan Jones, an organic farmer from King Hill, Idaho, and chairman of the Organic Advisory Board of the Idaho state department of agriculture

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