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Material Handling Plastic Crates In Bakery Unit

Plastic crates  are now integral part  of  material handling in any  bakery plant . Wide applications  can be found   for plastic crates  from storage to transportation .

Major developments have been in bread transportation from era of metallic crates the bread industry has switched over to plastic crates

Metallic  crates  were made up of metallic strips  which used get damaged  easily  and  a team of welders were to be kept to repair these metallic crates .Products were damaged  frequently while transporting resulting in market returns and defective.

Bread  could be arranged in different configuration in horizontal and vertical way . These plastic crates  can be  stacked easily  even transported  through conveyors.

Advantages of Plastic crates

  • Tough  suited for  long destination while transporting fragile bakery products such as Breads
  • Same plastic crates can be used many a times for transportation called returnable transit packaging
  • These can be used for a longer period  and are cost effective in a sense that damages in transit to the product and crates itself are minimal .
  • Hygienic  ie It can be cleaned  easily  .
  • Could be palletised  easily

Types of Plastic  Crates available with  manufacturers

  • Bread Baskets
  • Snack Cake & Sweet Goods Containers
  • Low Profile Single Layer Bun Containers
  • Double Layer Bun Containers
  • Bread Trays
  • Bun Trays
  • Snack Cake Trays
  • Plastic Dollies

Major manufacturers of these plastic crates in India are
  • Neelkamal Plastic
  • Supreme
  • Brite

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