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IFFCO - Bakery Manufacturer-A profile

International Food Stuff company ( IFFCO ) is one of the largest bakery manufacturer of bakery products in Gulf region . Established in year 1975 –Sharjah ,UAE ,from a food trading company it has become a big food manufacturing company having manufacturing facilities in various countries like Iran , Pakistan , Egypt , Malaysia and UAE . Its product are exported to nearly 70 countries .
Major products of IFFCO are Edible oil , Bakery products ( Biscuits , pasta , cakes, frozen bakery ) , Ice creams , Snacks , flour , Poultry and Animal Feed s.
Major Brands of IFFCO are Noor , Tiffany , Igloo , London Dairy , Khaleej
Tiffany brands of bakery products are popular brand in Middle eastern countries .It has product range from , Plain glucose biscuit , Cream biscuits, Digestive ,Nice ,Cookies .Wafers are also popular category of Tiffany .
HO - PO BOX 29220 , Sharjah , UAE .

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