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Unibic Goes For Sugar Free Cookies

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 Unibic  India's prime cookies  manufacturer  has  launched  sugar free cookies  catering large  population impacted by diabetes and  people  who are health conscious . 

Its  clear that   biscuit manufacturers have to cater  to growing demand  from consumer to prove  healthy alternatives  into  food items ,
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Unibic launches Choco Kiss

Unibic has launched its premium cookies with chocolate Choco Kiss available at Rs25/- for 90gms
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. Competes with ITC 'S Choco fills cookies

Unibic Sugar Free Butter Cookies For Diabetic People

In continuation with  drive  to launch   health and wellness products   Unibic  has launched  Sugar Free Butter Cookies  in  light cardboard box  moving away from conventional  bopp wrappers  used for biscuits and cookies.Claims to have 0%  sugar substituted  by  Malitol and Sucralose and trans fat free .Cookies  are packed in tray and metalized wrapper.

 India have considerable  population Diabetic people .

Sugar free  Butter Cookies are available  at price tag of  Rs 25/- for  67 grams . with recommendation against kids .

Competitions comes from Britannia 's  Nutrichoice range  of biscuits with low fat and low sugar content .

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Unibic Opens New Biscuit Production Line

Victorian Premier John Brumby today cut the ribbon on Unibic’s new $44 million biscuit and cake facility, which will produce Unibic’s whole range, including the new Harvest Kitchen Soft Centre biscuits.
The new purpose-built facility is capable of producing 4.5 tonnes of goods per hour, and includes a new research and development facility, featuring a design studio, test kitchen and miniature production line.
Unibic, a Victorian company, has produced speciality biscuits, pastries and cakes for over 50 years.

The Unibic range includes an RSL-licensed ANZAC biscuit line, Weight Watchers branded baked goods, a variety of shortbreads and European-style biscuits, and the Erica’s Kitchen entertaining range. The new factory also features purpose-built technology for a new line of low-fat chips, to be released later this year.

As well as established markets in Australia and New Zealand, Unibic is growing into markets in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and India. If the new Harvest Kitchen Soft Centre product proves popular in Australia, Unibic expect to begin exports of the product from the Victorian facility.


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