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Baker Perkins offers Dust Free Bread Moulding At IBIE

Multitex4 enters the North American market at IBIE
Baker Perkins, a name well known to high-output plant bakers in the UK and Australasia, is introducing a range of high-efficiency, dust-free dough forming equipment for pan bread to the North American market at IBIE 
The ability to divide, round, mould and pan dough pieces without the use of dusting flour brings significant cost savings by eliminating the cost of flour, flour dusting equipment and its maintenance and cleaning.   Sanitation standards are significantly raised, labor costs reduced, and potential health and safety risks to employees eliminated.
The Multitex4 dough moulder on show at IBIE is part of a completely safe and sanitary dust-free forming system for high-output, high-efficiency pan bread bakeries.   The system can also include a divider, rounder and first proofer.
A combination of gentle dough handling and the strategic application of process air ensures the dough passes through the machine without sticking to ensure non-stop running.    Designed to operate under all production conditions to generate additional profit, the Multitex4 features spring loading of the sheeting rolls and moulding boards.   This allows doubles to pass through without smearing or sticking, avoiding cleaning stops.
The Multitex4 moulder is well proven with dozens of installations in the high-output plant bakeries around the world.   Multitex4’s are used in US style operations in southern Europe, and they are the industry standard in many parts of the world including the UK and Ireland, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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Process Flow Chart For Bread Manufacturing

flow chart of bread manufacturing , process flow chart for bread manufacturing process,bread making process
bread  processing flow chart
 Bread manufacturing process consists of  following  stages before   we get the final product
Mixing process 
Dividing process
Intermediate Proofing
Final proofing

Bread making process consists of  skills of  baker  and few set  parameters  to get good quality bread.

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