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Is Rice Flour A Good Alternative For Bakery Products ?

I was thinking for those countries who are dependent upon large wheat imports for their bakery requirement . few unseen scenario  could occur  which can lead to major problem  for importing countries
If  the exporting country had bad crop ?
If exporting countries increases the price ?
If the consignments are delayed ?
If the relationship deteriorates ?

Thinking  in line to tackle these situations which  might happen . Its right time for these countries to develop alternative flours  for their baked goods . Government should encourage and give financial support to the millers and bakery owners to market  such products .Once these products gets popularity  and gets into peoples eating habits bakery manufacturers could start mass production in scale of wheat flour based products .

Countries who are  large importers of  wheat or  wheat flour  are

Japan,Italy,Algeria,Brazil,Indonesia,Spain,Egypt,Mexico,South Korea,Philippines , Srilanka ,Thailand Vietnam .

rice flour , alternative to wheat flour, rice flour for bakery
Rice flour has been used by bakers across the globe in  gluten free  bakery products .rice flour does not have the gluten which has important role in the texture of the products . Additives can be added to develop these properties in  rice flour .In case wheat flour can be blended with rice flour to reduce  the quantity of the wheat flour in producing same quantity of baked product .Milling would need some improved techniques to get the type of flour which can be used in similar ways  as in case of wheat flour

Rice flour is being used  in bread , swiss rolls , pastas  and donuts with other western type cakes and pastries .

As far as nutrition value is concerned rice flour is much better than  wheat  flour  the water content is higher in rice flour than wheat flour .Leavening takes less time for rice flour .protein content  are higher in rice flour to wheat flour  for the same amount of  weight . Rice flour breads  are more resilient to  temperature variations and remain soft and retains its shape .

New Rice Strain Can Substitute Wheat Flour In Bakery Products

A domestic research team has successfully created a new type of rice enabling farmers to yield 25 percent more in their crops.

This new "super- rice" is not only capable of increasing production for farmers but also can substitute wheat in the baking industry.

In order to make bread or any type of biscuit wheat flour is mainly used as it is a rich source of glutens.

Rice also contains gluten but the composite differs from that of wheat flour which gives kneaded dough its elasticity.

However, this new form of rice contains enzymes called Transglutaminase which can substitute gluten. and allow baked products made with it to leaven and have chewiness.

[Interview : Kim Jung-gon, Rural Development Administration Director] "We have managed to come up with a way to add enzymes called Transglutaminase to rice which can substitute gluten and allow rice to be used to bake bread and biscuits."

Bread and doughnuts made with the new rice are moist and tender and have a better taste than ordinary baked bread made out of wheat flour.

Scientists also believe that baked products made with the new rice will be easier on consumers' stomachs
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