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Bonn - A Regional Power Brand In North India

Indian Biscuit market has been primarily dominated by big 3 Britannia , Parle and ITC .New players have been recently added such as United Biscuit and Kraft ( Yet to begin manufacturing ) . But few regional brands are giving tough competition to these entrenched brands .

In north Indian market Bonn is the one brands which has successfully build inroads to the bakery products market and are available at all major retail chains and bakery retail chains . Bonn products have also spread to UP ,Rajasthan and Gujarat .

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It all started 25 years ago when Mr Manjit Singh installed a small bakery in Ludhiana ,Punjab 1985 with 5 bag flour capacity/day . Since then Bonn has spectacular growth in bakery market .

Now they have 4 food processing units and one packaging unit .

These food processing units include bread , biscuit , cakes and cookies plant .Bonn has volume in terms of 2.5 lakh loaves of bread per day with 1.5 lakh units of other bakery product . Bonn is now taking on big brands in north India.

Bonn have got alliance for its bakery items with major retail chains such as Walmart , Reliance fresh , Cafe coffee day , Spencer , KFC , Barista ,Indian Railways ,More and BIG BAZAR


Bread , Rusk , Cakes , Biscuits , Cookies , Buns and Burgers


Some of the popular brands of Bonn are

Biscuit - Cream Delight ,Mariebon , Glucobon , Mast Makhan , Minibits,Bourbon

Cake - Cottage Cake

Bread /burgers /buns/rusk - Prime Time

Bread could be found in different categories like whole  wheat  , hi fibre , brown , milk and multi grain .


Head Quarters:
204, k-1, Jhabewal, Chandigarh Road,
Ludhiana - 141123 (Punjab)
Phones:+91-161- 2685104, 2685105, 2685106, 2685107

for more details visit http://www.bonn.in/

Contact Us - bakerybazar@gmail.com

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