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Artificial flavour - Bakery Glossary

When you eat flavoured bread , cream sandwich biscuits or cakes have you ever wondered from where these flavour comes from! . These flavours are possible due to addition of artificial flavours .
These are man made chemicals which are combination of ether's ,esters ,aldehyde's alcohols,resins and other odorous products.These flavours are more stable in storage &through baking.Most artificial flavors are specific and often complex mixtures of singular naturally occurring flavor compounds combined together to either imitate or enhance a natural flavor.These mixtures are formulated by flavorist to give a food product a unique flavor and to maintain flavor consistency between different product batches or after recipe changes. The list of known flavoring agents includes thousands of molecular compounds, and the flavor chemist (flavorist) can often mix these together to produce many of the common flavors.Most commonly used flavours are
diacetyl - buttery
isoamyl acetate - banana
cinnamic aldehyde- cinnamon
ethyl propionate - fruity , limonene - orange
ethyl decadienonate - pear
allyl heaxanoate - pineapple
ethyl maltol - sugar
benzaldehyde - bitter almond

There are other numerous flavour s created thorugh complex sythnesis of chemicals .

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