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Consumers Paying More For Less In Fmcg Segment - Check Before U Buy !

Rising cost of raw material and ingredients with  other inputs of manufacturing like fuel price , packaging material cost , manpower cost  and fierce competition   have led   many fmcg  companies  to  reduce grammage , numbers or even size reduction for their product . Consumers are still unaware of the fact they are paying  more for less . Consumers need to check the grammage and relate it to the price before buying .

A report

Pay more for less. The trend in food items seems to have touched other products of everyday necessity too.

Mumbai-based techie Mehul Shroff for one is miffed at having to pay more for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as detergents and toilet soaps even as the content of various pack sizes keeps reducing.

“A bar of soap that earlier sufficed for 15 days now lasts only 12 days. In recent months, I have noticed the size of biscuits, chocolates and instant noodles reduce dramatically while I continue to pay more for these products every few months. As a consumer, I sometimes feel cheated.”

With the cost of inputs ever on the rise, companies are struggling to protect their margins. Yet, a direct price hike to pass on the cost is ruled out as it could impact consumer sentiment. So, they are taking recourse to indirect price hike, through grammage cuts.


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