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Food safety equipments in bakery industry

Food safety equipments in bakery industry are required for keeping food products safe from foreign particles and ensuring hygienic environment all around production area. These equipments could be seen in restaurants , hotels kitchen , bakery cafe and other food production halls .Bakery manufacturers have to install these food safety equipments to adhere to various food safety standards like HACCP ,BRC ,ISO 22000 etc .
Main equipments for food safety are

Metal detectors
These are installed to detect metal and non metal contamination .Metal particles as small as 0.75 mm can be detected.Depending upon the conveyor various sizes are available with options of metal detector for wet dough as well as metal detector for dry finished products.

These are required to sift foreign matters in flour , sugar and other ingredients.Sizes are from 20 -35 microns

These are installed in various places to ensure the that raw material are free from metallic particles.

Filters for liquid ingredients as well as water are installed in various places .These prevents liquid ingredients from being contaminated. Different types of filter are available as per requirement .

Keep the environment free from microbes and other germs.

Air Curtains
Provides air barriers to insects and dust. Various types of air curtains are available as per span of the passage . two , three blowers with different velocities

PVC Curtains
Act as barriers to Insects dust. Normally transparent with thickness of 3 mm/2mm to width of 50mm to 200mm are available in the market
Hand and Foot washer
Washing of hand and foot for personal hygiene

Colored Scoops

Other instruments like thermometer , pressure gauge , hygrometer , are required to monitor product and raw material quality .

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