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Whole Grain Bread, A Better Alternative To Classic White Bread

Atta bread, also known as whole grain bread is now trending amongst health-conscious Indians. This has replaced white or brown bread on a large scale.
Why wheat as an alternative?
The flavor of wheat is loved by Indians, since it has been the historic staple food for Indians. The addition of wheat to bread gives it a lot of fiber and also makes you feel satisfying. Also, one could lower the risks of getting heart attack by consuming whole wheat bread instead of normal classic white or brown bread.
Wheat bread in India
When you have a deep look into the health consciousness and awareness level of Indians, it is a pity to know that we Indians are addicted more towards white bread for its taste and forget about the goodness of Atta bread.
If and only the doctors advise or if they really are diet and health conscious they choose wheat bread over white bread.
Dietary fibre percentage
In comparison with maida, atta is definitely a better choice since it has more dietary fibres compared to atta. Also, it normalizes bowel movements, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Exploring deep inside
Whole wheat flour includes three layers of grain, such as bran, germ and endosperm. Whereas, refined flour consists only the endosperm.
Also, whole wheat flour has more fibre and phytochemicals that reducesrisk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes.
Other things to note
One must note that wheat might be sensitive on certain types of skin and it may lead to allergy or sometimes an auto immune disorder (Celiac disease). So, it is always better to take a test before consuming wheat and wheat related products that are rich in gluten.

Toxic chemicals found in normal bread
After a research, it has been found out that, chemicals such as potassium bromate and potassium iodate, that is used to treat baking flour could lead to cancer. Almost 40 countries have banned the usage of these harmful chemicals in bread.
Pathetically, this is not the case in our country. So, we must be choosy about the food we eat. Always, it is better to choose healthy one over delicious one.

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