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Major Bakery Manufacturer In Green Peace Safe Food Guide (2) Red List

  GM food  stands for   genetically -Modified   Food  . Green peace  has  given  ratings for  Indian food companies  for  their policy and  practices against GM food  . Green peace  has taken  lead  in anti  -GM food

New Delhi, India — Greenpeace today released the Safe Food Guide version 2.0 that ranks 25 of the most popular food companies which hold a major share of the market in India. Based on their responsibility towards Indian consumer on the GM food issue, the Guide categorizes companies as green, yellow and red.
Dabur and KRBL emerged as the top green/ companies while Nestle, PepsiCo, Haldiram and Hindustan Unilever Ltd among others faired poorly to find themselves on the red/list.

The current and long term policies of these companies on the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their willingness to inform their position to consumers and  proactiveness in ensuring a labelling and liability regime on foods derived from GM crops, were the main  parameters used in this guide.

On the basis of these factors each company was assessed.

The Red list include companies like Nestle, Pepsico, Cargill, Hindustan Unilever Ltd , Britannia, Godrej Hersheys Ltd., Haldirams, MTR, Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd., Agrotech, Surya Foods, Amul, GSK, FieldFresh (Bharathi Enterprises] and Kelloggs. These companies have not taken any concrete steps to provide Indian consumers with GM free food  for now or in future  thereby being irresponsible.

Green list companies include Dabur India, KRBL Ltd. whose flagship product is India Gate rice and Vippy Industries .These companies have not only taken necessary steps to ensure that they remain GM-free now and in future but also are ready to engage with the government and relevant industry associations to keep the Indian food market free from GM food.

Yellow list companies include  popular brands like Cadbury's, ITC, Ruchi Soya, LT Foods, Heinz India, Bambino Agro and Kohinoor Foods Ltd., which have said that that they are committed to sourcing ingredients that are GMO-free but are yet to take a long-term position on being GM free or share their position with the consumers.

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