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What is in the name?

I have been to many cosmopolitan cities  thanks to my fathers transferable job  in Indian Air force   We moved around to many cities Major ones were Mumbai , Delhi , Chandigarh and Shillong  after completion of my education I went to complete my graduation at Bhopal . Back in Delhi for job  and then to Dubai , Musqat and Abu Dhabi in connection with Job .  Since Child hood I  have been visiting Bakeries  for our Daily  breakfast breads and Cookies for snacking .  Celebrations were done with Cakes and Pastries all  from  nearby  bakery shop .
I can still remember the smell of baked goods in these small bakeries  and with unique names  such as “ Bake n Shop” ,
“City Bakers”  etc . Getting stuffs in oily paper bags .We could get our own recipes made with these bakers .
With ever expanding  popular bakery chains and cafe opening in every popular joints in city landscape we are getting new names . I have wondered  what went in to these bakery owners  mind before naming their  shops , cafe , brands .
Some were based on location  ,others on owners family name  and some on the origin of  products such as Swiss , French or Italian  each catering specific population .
Fascinated by their names  I started to collect  these names   and could be read  at
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Do add your favorite names .

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