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Are hybrid oven better than any other type of biscuit ovens

I had opportunity to work with different type ovens in biscuit factory . They have direct fired ovens and indirect fired ovens . Basically Oven types are selected with following parameters .

Type of Product

Hybrid oven , direct fired ovens , indirect fired ovens , biscuit ovensBoth direct and indirect ovens have few disadvantages and advantages as far as biscuit production is concerned .Direct ovens are generally used with cracker variety
As greater heating is required during baking stage . It has got numerous burners at bottom and top of the oven band .Direct fired operates generally on gas . Controls are less in direct oven .Less energy is consumed in direct oven .

Indirect ovens uses circulating fans to heat pipes or plenum in different zones . Used generally for moulding variety of biscuit as gradual heating is preferred for such type of oven . Control are more in indirect ovens . Energy is consumed more in Indirect oven .

Hybrid Oven combines benefits of direct as well as indirect ovens . Hybrid ovens are most versatile ovens for multi product usage you can have moulded variety as well as cutting variety with higher speed hence with more production .Ratio of direct part to Indirect part are generally 20-30% ( direct ) to 70%-80% ( indirect ).

Main  advantage  of Hybrid ovens  are

  • Flexibility  of the baking process - different  products  requiring  different  baking profiles  can easily  and successfully  be processed  in the same oven .
  • Much better  fine tuned  control  of the final  moisture  content  of the products  with  consequent  reduced risk  of  checking effects  on biscuit .
  • Improved crispness  and improved  general  texture  of  the product
  • More uniform  colour  of all  the baked products  across the width 
  • Higher output can  be obtained

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