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Kuppies Cake From Dr. Oetker


Dr . Oetker is  one of the  world leading food manufacturer  with products like  wine , cakes , dessert and pizza  and is present in 50 countries world wide ,

Established in 1891 Dr.Oetker  is German based food  manufacturing giant . It established Indian operation in  year 2007 by taking over Fun Foods Pvt Ltd. Fun Foods has since become market leader in  Mayonnaise, Sauces ,Spreads , Cake mixes , Dessert Toppings  and waffles . It has 

Now  very well established in Indian food market  with products  like 


Pizza and  Pasta Sauces

Cakes and waffles 

Peanut Butter 

 Entered  bakery market  with their  brownies cake   in cups  and sliced bars . Major competitor  for Dr.Oetker  are  Britannia , Parle , Cremica , Heinz , Nestle  .

 I can fondly  remember my innings with Fun Foods Pvt Ltd where I worked as Technical Trainee in year  1992  ,looking after production and maintenance  at its  Safdar jung factory   , Delhi  factory . A small  unit with  few mixers and chillers manufacturing yogurts for  various airlines .   Fun foods pvt ltd  have been taken over by Dr.Oetker  a Germany based  food manufacturing giant .

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