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Overview Of Indian Bakery Industry 2018

Indian Bakery Industry

Overview of Bakery Industry in India:
According to recent research, the bakery industry in India has an important place in the countries industrial map. Bakery products are an item of mass consumption in view of its economic price and high nutrient value. In the highly growing and changing eating habits of people, the increasing foreign influence and the rise of a female working population, bakery products have gained their popularity among people, contributing significantly to the growth trajectory of the bakery industry. After entry of Pizza and Burgers' MNCs in the country, people are changing their tastes also. Today, they are not restricted to bread, cake, and biscuits but to other bakery products also. The consumers are increasingly going for newer options with respect to bakery products.

Positive Aspects of Bakery Industry in India:
The growth rate of bakery products has been tremendous in both urban and rural areas at 14 percent per annum.
The global bakery ingredients market is growing rapidly and is anticipated to achieve significant growth over the next seven years.
Advancement in packaging and ongoing product diversification in baked food is expected to promote demand for bakery ingredient in upcoming years.
Challenges and Issues:
The volatility of raw materials and energy costs based on prices of wheat and vegetable oil that can vary as much as 40% in a single year.
Competition from customers within a consolidating supermarket industry.
In order to survive in an ever-changing marketplace, both bakery wholesalers and retailers must adapt to challenges faced by the industry.

Final Verdict:
Bakery industry in India is one of the largest sections in the processed food industry. It has undergone a major change on account of changing the perception of bakery products and evolving consumer tastes. By the perception of bakery products, consumption boost in the nation and changing consumer needs, we estimate the Indian bakery industry to reach levels of INR 483 billion in the next seven years. Rising urbanization and growth in the disposable incomes of the Indian population has proven to be a magnet for international bakery chains owing to which the sector has seen an entry of foreign bakery companies trading into India which has helped in enhancing the quality of Indian bakery products.

New Trends :

Any bakery enthusiasts   can   see   changes  in bakery products from whole grains to atta  biscuits /breads .  From desi to exotic   recipes of tart , ciabatta , muffins ,cinnabon,doughnuts   etc .

Following are  the new trends in baking industry
1) Premiumization
2) Gluten free
3) Bio degradable  packing
4) Organic ingredients
5) Gluten free
6) Sugar free
7) Fat free
8) Low salt 
9) Eggless
10)Multi grain
11) Hand Made
12) Ethnic -local 
13) Fortification 

Multinational  Players 

Many MNC  have now entered  Indian bakery  industry  to  get  some market share from entrenched Indian  brands  . Brands  like  Oreos from Kraft  ,  Mcvities  from  United Biscuits  and recently  we had  Bimbo  entering  Indian bakery market  with  acquisition  of   Harvest  Gold .


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