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Pinoy Tasty Bread To Take On Higher Bread Price In Philippines

As  a  show  for  corporate  social  responsibility  bakers  in Philippines have  developed a basic bread  fortified with vitamins and iron which  would be cheaper than the branded breads  . Around 2000 bakers have joined this initiative  driven by three bakery associations – Philippine Baking Industry Group (PhilBaking), Federation of Philippine Bakers Association and the Filipino-Chinese Bakers  and supported by Department of Trade and Industry and Bureau of Food and Drug .

The main objective  of this initiative  is  to

  • Provide  consumers  with affordable  bread 
  • To  stall  decline of  bread consumption  by the  Filipinos 
This  could be a good examples for bakers in other countries trying to increase bread prices  due to increase in wheat prices in international  market.

A report

LOCAL bakers are making it easier for Juan de la Cruz to buy a loaf of bread with the launch of “Pinoy Tasty,” which sells for only P36.

At that price point, Pinoy Tasty is cheaper by as much as P18 per loaf than the branded kind, which is priced between P42 and P54.

According to Philippine Baking Industry Group (Philbaking) president Walter Co, this is part of the industry’s efforts to not only make bread products more affordable for more people, but also to get Filipinos to start eating it regularly again.

He admitted that the bread industry suffered the ill effects of the global recession, with some of the market shifting to rice and other bread alternatives when bread prices rose.

This year, he said the industry was expecting flat growth. With the launch of Pinoy Tasty, however, a little more growth could be expected.

Pinoy Tasty is a joint effort of Philbaking, Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association Inc., and the Philippine Federation of Bakeries Association Inc.

The “generic” loaf will be manufactured by members of these three organizations using standard bread ingredients.

The low price point is attributed to the absence of enriching ingredients such as milk, eggs, margarine, cream and butter. Also, instead of using white sugar, bakers use the cheaper washed sugar to make the Pinoy Tasty.

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