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Popular Trends Of Wedding Cakes For 2010

Wedding cake trends for 2010

Wedding cake  is one of the important elements for any wedding celebrations. Couples  put hours to select the concept/design/flavours of wedding cakes ,here are few  popular trends for wedding cake  for this year
Initials. Having the married couple's initials monogrammed on the cake.

Artistic. Choose your favorite famous painting and have the wedding cake decorated with it, using edible paints.

trends in wedding cakes , wedding cakes , popular trends in wedding cakesHeight. Many people are opting for taller cakes, up to seven tiers high.

Matching dresses. A big trend matches the cake decoration to the bridesmaid dresses. Another option is to have lace and ruffles.

Going 3-D. Another trend in wedding cakes is for 3-D accents to be a part of the cake's decoration and design.

Nature. Many people are opting for nature themes, which can include using fresh fruits as cake toppings.
More than cake. Offer other tasty treats such as a tree of mini desserts including cheesecake, tarts, and brownies.

Go faux. To save money on the wedding cake, which can typically cost around $700, have just the bottom one or two tiers be faux. This will allow the cake to look great for pictures, but should help bring the cost down.

Cupcakes. A trend from last year, it's still going strong with many couples opting for cupcakes instead of wedding cakes

So  book your designer wedding  cake  with above mentioned concepts .

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