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Metallic Conveyors In Bakery

Conveyors   are  life line  of bakeries ,  these conveyors performs numerous  functions right from  material handling to , transfer , process , loading and unloading . Conveyors  in bakery  could be of two basic  categories  web conveyors or  metallic conveyors

Major  metallic  conveyors are

Chain  conveyor

 Basic  conveyor  made of  simplex , duplex  , triplex  chains  as per  the load  on it  . These are simplest form of material handling conveyors  in bakeries   where moulds  are being transferred  from  different section s such as  proving  to  baking and return . Consists of chain , sprockets , supporting guides and drive rollers  with motors

Slat conveyor

Slat  conveyor  are  improved  version of these chain  conveyors  where   slat elements  are joined together with  pins  and the sprockets  drives these conveyors through  links  . basic elements are  sprockets , slats , sprocket and drive . Used to transfer moulds  from proving to baking and return .


Wire mesh conveyor

Used  in tunnel  ovens across the bakery  units   made up of mesh  with different   widths  and mesh sizes  as per product  requirements . Biscuit Industry are the major consumers  for  wire mesh type of conveyors . 

Flat   steel  bands 

Few items  requires  complete  flat surface  for movement and baking  simultaneously  in bakery unit for such  products   flat  steel bands  are used  as conveyors   for e.g  cakes , swiss rolls and  cookies .

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