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Britannia & Parle In Top 10 Most Trusted Brands

Economic Times  have just released their  list of most trusted brands of India  . Good news is that  Britannia ( ranked 2nd )and Parle  ( Parle ranked 7th)both leading brands in baked products category  are in top 10  .Which is significant for  bakery industry  although both  are established brands with long history . They have beaten  many  mnc brands in  getting consumer loyalties  likes of  Nokia ,Unilever ,P&G,Nestle, Pepsi , Coca Cola. Britannia  have  biscuits , cakes , bread , dairy and  ready to eat  products in its product mix where as Parle has  biscuits , snacks and confectionery under its product portfolio .Britannia popular brands are Good Day , Marie Gold , Tiger , 5050 , Milk Bikis ,Bourbon & Nice .Similarly  Parle has  Parle -G , Krackjack ,Monaco  , Happy Happy, Hide and Seek  & Mango bite . Both Britannia and Parle  have proved that  with right talent and mentoring one can have brands which can take on Mnc's.

Top 10  Most trusted brand in India( fmcg )  are

1. Colgate 
2. Britannia 
3. Nokia
4. Clinic Plus
5. Dettol
6. Tata Salt
7. Parle
8. Mazza
9. Maggi

Other Food, Confectionery  & Snacks Brands  which  have made the  mark inTop 100 brands are

Tata Salt - 6
Maggi     -9
Kukurkure - 36
Cadbury Milk Chocolate - 42
Sunfeast  - 54
Nestle Milk Chocolate -62
Munch  - 77
Kitkat  - 80
Lays  - 83
5 star - 94
Perk  - 98

For complete list  visit
Most Trusted Brands Of  India - ET

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