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fuels used in bakery ovens

Bakery oven s are critical component of bakery plant . These ovens are used to bake the dough/batter to get baked goods which are then packed and sent for consumers . These ovens have different kind of burner s which have wide range of fuel to be used.

Following are the fuel which can be used for Bakery ovens

Diesel Oil
LDO - Ligth diesel oil
HSD- High Speed diesel
RFO- Re - heat furnace oil

NG - Natural gas
LPG- Liquefied petroleum gas
CNG-- Compressed natural gas
LNG--Liquefied natural gas


These fuels have their own characteristics and as per availability , price, transportation , storage and safety issues bakery manufacturers selects the fuel. Gas has advantage of cleaner fuel with low spillages or leakages where as diesel oil has advantage of higher calorific value . RFO is the cheapest option for bakery manufacturers but one has to check the pollution norms as the RFO has a higher content of sulphur in it.The net cost is calculated taking into account the calorific value of the fuel .Geography has also role for selection of fuel few areas has abundance of petroleum product where as few areas has scarcity of these petroleum products .
For few products like wafer the electricity is the best option as for the hygiene of the products.

Manufacturer after selecting the fuel can ask bakery oven manufacturers to select the burner s accordingly .


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