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Cotton Conveyor Manufacturers/Suppliers in India

Bakery Industry in India rely heavily on cotton conveyors for their conveyors in production process . Bread , Biscuit and Cakes manufacturing invariably uses cotton conveyor on their conveyors .Other industry also have wide application of cotton conveyors .
Advantages of cotton conveyor has already been discussed in earlier post on

Bakery Industry specially biscuit process industry buy cotton conveyor in bulk with width up to 1.5mtrs and thickness varies from 1.0mm to 3.5 mm . These cotton conveyors are manufactured into rolls .Other varieties of cotton conveyor are Cotton Nylon mix .It could be procured in open lengths and endless forms.Most these cotton conveyors are manufactured in Automated hand looms as per the requirement of manufacturers .

Major suppliers /manufacturers of cotton conveyor are

  • G..C. Dutta and Sons,Kolkata
  • Scandia Belting, Kolkata
  • Dolar gold belts and Fans pvt ltd, Kolkata
  • Industrial Filters and Fabrics pvt ltd , Indore
  • K. Dharmalingam , Trichy
  • Pachiyamman Endless Webs,Trichy
  • Madura Coats Pvt Ltd , Banglore
  • Khosla Profile Pvt Ltd , Mumbai
  • Shri Rajalaxmi Conveyors , Trichy

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