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What are different type of coders and printers in bakery packaging

What we see as labels on bakery product packaging are impressions generated

through printers or coders installed on the packing machine or stand alone machines which prints messages such as

Date /manufacturing batch code /Best before /expiry date/manufacturer address etc .

These printers and coders are integral part of packaging of bakery products and codes can be generated through electronic screen or mechanical brass characters. Various feature are unique to individual types of printers and coders such as number of line for message , Font size , colors ,

Types of printers and coders

  • Manual stamps are used in small bakeries where you have rubber characters arranged as per the message and is rubbed with ink pad and then stamped on the area of message .

  • Dry ink rolls contact type printers - Coders are mounted on packing machines and dry ink rolls comes into contact of brass characters and printing is done when wrappers come into contact of these characters .Ink rolls are heated so as to get ink in fluid conditions from ink rolls .Various colored ink rolls are available such as red , white , black , blue for colored impression . Major disadvantage is that if we want to change the codes or letter then earlier codes have to be removed from holders . Radial type and Axial type characters are used as per design of type holders ..Life of ink rolls is counted as no of impressions . Number of messages are limited in such kind of coders .This could only print wrappers used for packets and cannot be used for carton boxes

  • Ink jet printers – Ink jet printer is another form of printing where ink is injected through nozzle in controlled manner on the wrapper or laminates to generate s message . These could be packing machine mounted or can be stand alone portable kind of inkjet printing machine .Advantages of such printers that we can change the fonts ,colors , language as these are monitored through software . Disadvantage is that it is costlier than contact type coders as it has consumables ink cartridges or ink bottles ,some what clumsy in operations , solvents has to be applied to clean the nozzles .

  • Thermal transfer printer - Thermal ribbons are used to print message on the wrapper or laminates for the message . Thin ribbon is passed in between ribbon and the labels ,coating of the ribbon sticks onto the label .These printers give high quality prints with quick change over time for different messages , clean operations .Ribbons wastage are very low . Used for precise and quality printing .

  • Laser printer – These are used for high volume and high printing requirement laser beams are generated to produce an image on a drum , the light of laser beam alters the electric charge on the drum this drum then dips into reservoir of toner the charged part s of the drum then picks up the toner this toner is then transferred to the wrapper through heat and pressure .

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