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Flow Diagram For Bakery Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Bakeries  generates large amount of waste water in process which are highly acidic in nature and cannot be discharged in municipality drainage or open drains . Every country has their discharge parameters for pH,COD , BOD ,TSS,TDS,Fat and Oil , Heavy Metal .

Bakery waste water consists of Flour , Fat and Sugar  from process  these waste are biodegradable hence biological treatment can be effective in reducing BOD of the waste water

ETP  ( Effluent treatment Plants)  for bakeries are biological  rather than chemical which are used for heavy chemical  industries .

Three type of biological treatment  are used in bakery waste water treatment

  • Aerobic ( aeration )
  • Anaerobic( Without aeration in enclosed area )
  • Anaerobic -Aerobic combined

The best results are  from combined treatment through aerobic and anaerobic treatment .

The Disadvantage  of combined treatment .

Foul Smell  due methane gas generation in anaerobic  reactor. ETP plant has to be located at distant place away from production facility.
Large area for reactors
Water Treatment: Principles and Design
Bakery waste handling


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