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Depanner In Bread Manufacturing Production Process

Depanner basic role is to remove  baked bread from moulds or pans  which have come out from oven . Thus Depanners help  workers to take out laoves from moulds/trays  which are hot to handle . Efficiency  of Depanner is far higher than any  manual depanning .

Basic Concept of  Bread Depanners

A partial  vacuum is built into the  suction cup through  Induced draft Fans . Thus this vacuum helps these suction cups to pull out the loaves from mould boxes .

The belt  consisting of Cups moves  the surface of the main frame  and  its  made hollow from inside  which  helps the Induced draft fan to  extract  air from  a  gap made by cutting a section . Thus when the belt with several cups move upon this gap  a partial suction is induced and it  Pulls the bread loaves and when the belts  moves  away from the  that section it drops the  loaves to the turn table or to the conveyor .

depanner , depanner cups , depanner ,automatic depanning , depanner in bread

 With the continuous  running   cups gets worn out  there fore plant operator  needs to keep sufficient  stocks of these suction cups .To help depanning the moulds are greased with  veg oil  .

Major  bread  manufacturing equipments

Spiral Mixers
Swing tray ovens
Rotary rack ovens 

Swing Tray Baking Oven s

In Bread manufacturing process baking oven is the major equipment. There are various baking ovens for bread manufacturing ,for any higher capacities manufacturers often opt for Swing tray baking ovens .Other model for baking oven for higher volumes of bread production is contray ovens .

Swing Trays main drive moves sprockets and chain with which the racks are  hinged with the chain and this tray swings both ways .These racks hold bread moulds  and carry them  to complete the baking cycle

Burners can be of ldo ( diesel type ) or cng ( gas type ) . hot air is circulated through circulating fan in headers either through top and bottom headers or middle and bottom headers .

Swing tray ovens can be designed for 5000 – 50000 loafs per day capacity.

Some of the features in Swing tray Ovens
swing tray oven , st oven , swing tray  bread  ovens

  • Preferred for higher volumes
  • Oven chain can be hand-cranked in an emergency  
  • The tray's movement is intermittent and controlled by a digital timer  
  • Insulated for maximum fuel-efficiency  
  • Flue gas does not come in contact with food item being baked  
  • Imparts solid top and bottom heat to loaves under baking for uniform results across the length of the tray  
  • Lidding and Unlidding is automatic in swing tray ovens  
  • Requires a larger area than other baking oven for the same capacity 
  • Safety Explosion doors are provided as safety against any explosion

Different Types Of Dough Mixers In Bakery

Dough Mixers  are  of various types  used as per product characteristic  such as breads , pizza ,cream rolls ,cakes ,biscuits,cookies and wafers.

Role of mixers  is to prepare desired dough/batter   for  baking with all ingredients .Dough Mixers does mixing with  different types  arms  attached to its main frame . Bowls  filled with ingredients such as flour ,sugar

dough mixers , dough mixer , types of dough mixer, spiral mixerMixing can be done in stages  such as single stage mixing or two stage mixing as per requirement . Mixing speed can be increased or decreased as per the dough characteristics . Tilting arrangement are available to decant mixers . Horizontal  or Vertical mixers are available as per  requirement . Mixers capacity varies from  100kg - 1000kg .Ingredient addition could be manual or  automated  for mixers. Latest mixers have HMI and PLC driven  where mixer speed can be altered as per product or ingredients .

Mixers  can be ordered with provision of jackets around its bowl  which  can be used to circulate  hot or cold water as per requirement  for dough  temperature .

Location of Mixers is a critical factor  for bakeries  as  dough  can either tipped directly  from  a tipper  or  dough elevators are required to lift dough trucks and then lift it for further processing .

Following type of  mixers are used in bakeries

These could be further  classified into

  • Single arm mixers
  • Double arm mixers
  • Single Speed mixers
  • Dual Speed  mixers
  • Top Loading mixers
  • Front Loading mixers
  • Jackted  mixers

Other  bakery equipments

Sugar Grinders - Major Bakery equipments

Sugar  is a major ingredients  for  all bakery products   whether in  bread , biscuits , cakes or wafer biscuit along with flour and fat . Addition of  sugar can be done in

  • Crystals or Granules
  • Powdered Form
  • Sugar Solution
  • Invert Syrup

All above mentioned  types of  sugar additions are done as per the requirement of  bakery products .. Mostly powdered  sugar are used to enhance the taste( sweetness )   of the product due to better mixing in dough stage  .

Powdered sugar are obtained  from Sugar Grinders  which  grinds sugar granules into powder form and  are basically of two types

Basic Types of  sugar grinder  are

Hammer types mill
Pin types mill

Particle  sizes of  these powdered  sugar can be altered through mesh   size

Capacity of Sugar Grinder/Pulveriser  : 500kg/hr - 1000kg/hr

Normal components of Sugar grinding systems  apart from  Sugar grinder  are

Screw conveyor  Or  Spiral conveyor -  Operators need to keep in mind the hygroscopic  nature of sugar  which may clog these conveyors frequently hence any wet sugar or high moisture sugar should be avoided  for grinding .

Dust Collector Bags : These are required to collect sugar dust  as huge amount  of sugar dust is generated while grinding  . These dust collector bags traps the dust  and these could be used in production . Dust collectors reduces the waste and keeps  the  environment dust free which very important for any bakery unit . Filter bags need replacement after  bags starts choking .

sugar grinders , sugar grinding equipments , grinders for sugar , bakery equipments
Safety precaution -  Sugar being hygroscopic in nature has tendency  to get fire on higher temperatures  hence  we should always ensure electric arrestors to the sugar grinding components such as mill, filter bags ( critical) etc.

One should always place  permanent magnets bar s into infeed hopper  for metal detection in the sugar .

Major Sugar Grinder supplier are

Stephan Machinery

Kaps Engineers
Mangal machinery

Bread Dough Divider

dough dividers , bread dough dividers , dough divders , volumetric dough divdiders , pneumatic dough dividers

Bread dough divider is one of the critical equipment in bread automated manufacturing . Its main function is to  divide dough into number of equal  dough pieces.
Mostly  Bread Dough dividers are mechanical  devices  with manual adjustment but we can opt  for more automated dividers  with HMI  integrated to its operation where operators can  change variables from pre programmed software.Basic design are either Crank driven  divider or Hydraulic systems which operates  the ejector , ram ,knife , collector  controlled   by hydraulic directional  valves .
Most used Divider with medium to small bakery are  Crank type mechanical dividers . Its a  device which uses common crank to cut , push and drop  dough piece into equal pieces on the conveyor.
Volume adjustment can be done to correct the weight of these dough piece . Screw along with L –link which change the volume of cylinders to fine tune weights of the dough piece .
Dividers  are rated  by
Capacity  = Strokes /Min  Or   Dough Pieces Per Minutes
We can get bread dough  dividers   which can cut and drop  2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9  dough pieces  and are called tandem dividers .
It has been observed that  initially  the dough is less extensible  but as the time lapses it becomes softer  which affects the weight of dough pieces at bread dough dividers . Hence operator to continuously  adjust  and monitor the  volume of the  cylinder.

Features to  check  for Hydraulic  Bread Dividers
  • HMI  to be integrated with hydraulic system of bread divider
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Cleaning arrangements for ram , ejector , knife and collector box
  • Knife made up of Stainless Steel
  • Remote weight control arrangement
  • Water wash down to clean entire bread divider
  • Cross and inclined conveyor
  • Flour duster

Major bakery equipment manufacturers are
  • Baker Perkins
  • Werner and Pfliederer
  • The Peerless group 
Other equipments
De panner
Dough Tilter

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