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Depanner In Bread Manufacturing Production Process

Depanner basic role is to remove  baked bread from moulds or pans  which have come out from oven . Thus Depanners help  workers to take out laoves from moulds/trays  which are hot to handle . Efficiency  of Depanner is far higher than any  manual depanning .

Basic Concept of  Bread Depanners

A partial  vacuum is built into the  suction cup through  Induced draft Fans . Thus this vacuum helps these suction cups to pull out the loaves from mould boxes .

The belt  consisting of Cups moves  the surface of the main frame  and  its  made hollow from inside  which  helps the Induced draft fan to  extract  air from  a  gap made by cutting a section . Thus when the belt with several cups move upon this gap  a partial suction is induced and it  Pulls the bread loaves and when the belts  moves  away from the  that section it drops the  loaves to the turn table or to the conveyor .

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 With the continuous  running   cups gets worn out  there fore plant operator  needs to keep sufficient  stocks of these suction cups .To help depanning the moulds are greased with  veg oil  .

Major  bread  manufacturing equipments

Spiral Mixers
Swing tray ovens
Rotary rack ovens 

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