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Aryzta Buys US Bakeries For $1.08Bln

FOOD GROUP Aryzta enjoyed a near 8 per cent climb in its share price yesterday as it announced two new US-based acquisitions that will double its production capacity and expand its global footprint.
The company, which was formed following the IAWS takeover of Swiss baker Hiestand, bought Fresh Start Bakeries for $900 million and the pizza supplier Great Kitchens for $180 million.

Fresh Start operates 29 specialist production facilities across the US, Canada, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand and has three joint ventures located in North America, Chile and Guatemala. It makes products not currently supplied by Aryzta, such as burger buns and ciabatta bread.
Great Kitchens is one of the leading pizza manufacturers in North America serving regional and national grocery chains and retail stores with premium quality pizzas and sandwiches.

Both businesses supply to the quick-service restaurant sector, with 70 per cent of sales in North America.
The combined revenue of the two businesses is €1.03 billion, with associated earnings before tax and write-offs of €133 million.
Aryzta, which counts Cuisine de France and La Brea bakery among its brands, raised its outlook for the full year, saying it expects underlying earnings per share to rise due to the new acquisitions.


Raisio 's To Launch Cholesterol Lowering Benecol Bread In Romania

Dobrogea Grup is a leading company in the milling and bakery industry  Romania. The company's product range includes flours and biscuits. In 09, Dobrogea Grup's net sales was EUR 60 million. 
With the launch of the cholesterol-lowering bread, Dobrogea and Benecol will open a new market for cholesterol-lowering foods in Romania. The Benecol bread launch follows the seminars held in the early winter for health care professionals in Romania. Consumer awareness of the new product will be raised by extensive media campaigns.
Romanian people are increasingly interested in and aware of healthy nutrition. So far, consumers have preferred traditional products and the meaning of nutritional content has been secondary in food choices, but people have shown a clear interest in, for example, additive- and preservative-free products. In the prevention of heart diseases, consumers are gradually starting to favour healthier lifestyle and nutritional ways to maintain good health.
The launch in Romania will increase the awareness and visibility of the Benecol brand in Eastern Europe. Raisio's strength is in the ability to adjust, together with its partners, to local inhabitants' purchasing behaviour and in launching Benecol products suitably applied to the markets in question. The Benecol bread on the Romanian market is a good example. Raisio will continue the preparation work with its local partners to launch new products on new markets.

Production Planning And Its Role In Bakery

Production planning plays a very important role in bakery . Its main objective is to plan production of various SKU s in advance so as to enable each part of production to be ready when actual production is schedule . Production plan are made generally for a month and further broken down to weekly and daily production plan . Production plan also helps in getting product with optimum cost . Big bakeries with multi locational presence  have centralized production plan made and which are then synchronised with individual plants at local levels .Production planning help companies to avoid any sale loss due to un availability of product .In most of the large bakeries PPC ( Production Planning & Control ) takes help of ERP software to plan production .

Sales forecast

PPC deptt collects the sales forecast from sales deptt and plan s production keeping into following factors in mind. Normally a pattern is set for various SKUS demand with few special orders such as Promos or  special orders from big customer s.
Production plans are made with these critical factors

  • Availability of material
  • Availability of manpower
  • Availability of plant and machinery
  • Dispatch plan 
  • Festivals packs  and promotions  planning in advance 

Material requirement planning

Once sales forecast are available PPC deptt issues material requisition to purchase deptt for sourcing of ingredients , packaging and some cases machine spare parts .Lead time plays important role hence material having longer lead time needs to be procured in larger volume .Also one needs to check the stock s in hand while ordering .

Plant loading

PPC deptt then plan the optimum loading of plants with keeping in view the plant efficiency /capacities and availability . Production plan helps engineering deptt to take any modification or repair in advance to meet the schedule .

Change Overs

Normally change overs are avoided but for demand from market PPC has to plan change overs with minimum loss of time and loss to production .


Manpower requirement are spelt out in advance with help of production plan so that in case of increase in number the HR deptt arrange the numbers in advance or inversely if decrease in requirement of worker the labor contractors are notified in advance. Weekly  offs to be scheduled  as per production plan .


Once the production plan is made the logistics deptt arrange for the container accordingly and the containers are ready at the time of production and documentation done without delays.

Even after careful production planning there might be changes in production plan for which there should be a secondary plan which can be taken without significant loss to the company . Main Reasons are listed

1 Stock out situation for raw material/packaging

2 Break down of machinery

3 Non availability of labour

4 Cancellation of Order

5 Situation like strikes / government orders / Break down in Utilities such as electricity /water supply .

6 Transport Problem

PPC deptt acts as the centre of all activity  related to factory operations hence it  should be alert and keep a tab on developments  of internal and external factors affecting factory operations  .

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Increase In LPG Prices Threatens Indonesian Bakeries

Fuel  in bakeries constitutes major part on costing of  the products . With daily surge on crude oil price in international market  governments  of many  countries  have no option   but to increase the prices of petrol , diesel  and  related products such as LPG ,CNG  etc .

Indonesia    is one such   example

New s article

VIVAnews - Basic electricity tariff and 12-kg LPG's prices are expected to be revised in the near future.

Small-sized industries may be highly affected by the plan. Head of Indonesian Association of Bakery Producers (APEBI) Chris Hardijaya said even now before the prices are doubled, the said industries have been bothered by the high prices of 12-kg LPG.

"The industries require four 12-kg LPG tubes for production worth Rp 300,000 of prices. Should the price go up, the costs of LPG would be Rp 400,000," he said today, June 2.

On the other hand, he said further, bread selling prices cannot be multiplied sharply. As a result, small-sized industries will be closed and layoffs cannot be avoided. "It will be the worst effect of the plan," he said.

In addition, he said, industries and homes would target the cheapest LPG of three kilograms.

A spokesperson of the small-sized industry, Sium Muchji, said that sellers now find it difficult to find 12-kg LPG. "There's shortage in the market. We used to get 30 tubes of supply. But now we are only supplied 10 tubes," Siu said.

Although  Bakery Industry in Indonesia has been dominated by unbranded cottage industry .Few modern bakeries and retail have opened up in Indonesia . Among popular player in modern bakery industry are Holland Bakery, Dunkin Donuts, JCo, BreadTalk, Breadstory, Mama Oven, Breadboy  and   retail players such as Matahari .

Source : en.vivanews.com

Solution to such a scenario would be selective subsidy   by government   to the bakeries  who  employ   number of workers in their bakeries .In a trade of between them on cheaper bread and  bakery products

Bonn - A Regional Power Brand In North India

Indian Biscuit market has been primarily dominated by big 3 Britannia , Parle and ITC .New players have been recently added such as United Biscuit and Kraft ( Yet to begin manufacturing ) . But few regional brands are giving tough competition to these entrenched brands .

In north Indian market Bonn is the one brands which has successfully build inroads to the bakery products market and are available at all major retail chains and bakery retail chains . Bonn products have also spread to UP ,Rajasthan and Gujarat .

Bonn , Bonn biscuits , Bonn bread , Bonn Brand , Biscuit Brands

It all started 25 years ago when Mr Manjit Singh installed a small bakery in Ludhiana ,Punjab 1985 with 5 bag flour capacity/day . Since then Bonn has spectacular growth in bakery market .

Now they have 4 food processing units and one packaging unit .

These food processing units include bread , biscuit , cakes and cookies plant .Bonn has volume in terms of 2.5 lakh loaves of bread per day with 1.5 lakh units of other bakery product . Bonn is now taking on big brands in north India.

Bonn have got alliance for its bakery items with major retail chains such as Walmart , Reliance fresh , Cafe coffee day , Spencer , KFC , Barista ,Indian Railways ,More and BIG BAZAR


Bread , Rusk , Cakes , Biscuits , Cookies , Buns and Burgers


Some of the popular brands of Bonn are

Biscuit - Cream Delight ,Mariebon , Glucobon , Mast Makhan , Minibits,Bourbon

Cake - Cottage Cake

Bread /burgers /buns/rusk - Prime Time

Bread could be found in different categories like whole  wheat  , hi fibre , brown , milk and multi grain .


Head Quarters:
204, k-1, Jhabewal, Chandigarh Road,
Ludhiana - 141123 (Punjab)
Phones:+91-161- 2685104, 2685105, 2685106, 2685107

for more details visit http://www.bonn.in/

Biscuit Sold At Local Weekly Market ( Bazar)

pic by sandeep sangwan

Basic Terms Used In Horizontal Flow Wrap Packing Machine -Part1

Horizontal  flow wrap  machines  are widely used in biscuit , cookies , bread and cake  packaging . Different types of packaging formats are   available  in  horizontal  flow wrap  machine . We  have  complex  to simple  horizontal flow wrap machine ( HFW )

Basic HFW  machines classifications are
1.On the  Edge packing machine       2.Pile type       3.  Cream sandwiching type  4. Single lane   5. Multi lane

In series of  post  on Horizontal  Flow Wrap  Packing Machine  
Basic terms which are used  for  HFW  packing machine

Auto feeders
Feeding chutes
Cross feed
Infeed Chain
Infeed Lugs
horizontal flow wrap packing machine, horizontal flow wrap , hfw , hfw packing machineLateral Chain
Lateral Lugs
Stack Length
Cut off length
Change Over parts
Forming box
Eye mark sensor
Eye mark
Round Heater
Dwell Time
Packet Per Minute
On the Edge
Pillow Pack
Flexible laminates/wrapper
Forward and reverse  correction

Britannia Gears Up For Rural Markets With Cookies

Britannia   has always been laggard in rural marketing  Her competitors have  better share of semi urban and rural  market  but not now  as  britannia gear up for  rural thrust with Cookies brands  of biscuit

A calculated push into the rural and semi-urban areas, say experts, is Britannia’s way to lead the market. As rivalries in the markets, urban as well as rural, are intense, it needs to identify newer and newer markets and segments to hold on to its share of the market. An equity analyst from India Infoline says: “Biscuits and cookies form the largest segment of processed foods and everyone will fight for a share of the pie.”

McCann Executive Chairman Prasoon Joshi crafted the communication with the tagline of Tan ko lage, man ko chuye, which means that the product benefits the body’s constitution and endears itself to the eater. Says Britannia Industries Category Director (delight & lifestyle) Shalini Degan: “For socio-economic categories B and C, nutrition from the food they eat is more critical than a dose of energy or taste. They travel long distances in less comfortable environments, so a product like this could be a staple like a bottle of water. With elaichi (cardamom) and butter, cookies do have great taste; but that is secondary to them being a wholesome go-between.” The TVC starring actor Dipti Naval portrays how Britannia Cookies can slip in between missed meals.


Britains Bakeries Shows Impressive Sales Figures

When all other manufacturing industries have been struggling for survival bakeries in Britain s have posted better profit margin and sales figure

A brief report

In what has been a positive year for bakers, family-run firm Warburton’s has posted staggering profits for 2009.

The Bolton-based baking giant saw pre-tax profits rise by more than £5.2 million to reach £62.7 million in the year ending September 26th 2009, compared to £57.5 million in the same period the previous year.

Warburton’s profits were boosted by a year-on-year sales rise of six per cent, which took total revenues to £510.8 million.

Company chairman John Warburton hailed the firm’s "solid operating performance" in what he viewed as a "difficult economic environment".

It seems Britain’s booming baking industry is the best thing the manufacturing sector has seen since sliced bread as firms across the board continue to post healthy profits.

Earlier this year, national firm Greggs posted a sales hike of 2.6 per cent for the first 18 weeks of the year, while last week it was the turn of Scottish company Lees Foods, which reported that year-on-year sales had jumped by £2.1 million to reach £18.2 million

Source :http://www.guttridge.co.uk/news
Author : Emma

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