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Markem - Imaje World Major Printing Solution Provider For Bakeries

Markem - Imaje  is  world major manufacturers of coders and printers   used in printing solutions for bakery packaging  such on laminates , cartons , poly bags etc . Markem   coders has become synonyms to  coding and printing solution providers in  bakery product packaging.Its part of  Major Industrial product congolomorate  Dovers Corporation.

Bakeries across globe  are using inkjet printing and coders on production line or  offline  instead  of  traditional methods like hot stamping or embossing .In particular, the speed with which codes can be changed has reduced downtime . The greater versality of inkjet printing also means that code location, its content and even the packaging on which it rests, can be changed without resort to different coding methods.

Markem-Imaje is a trusted world manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of reliable and innovative inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, print and apply label systems and RFID-based systems . Markem has 95 years of history  and operates with 30 subsdiaries worldwide  more than 300 engineers engaged in  6 R& D centres which are located  at  US , UK ,Belgium , France ,India and Sweden . Supported by logistics and support team world wide . Major  competitors for  Markem are Videojet,Linx , Matthews and  Domino Printing Sciences

Most widely used applications  in bakeries have been  in packaging machine providing dry touch coding on wrappers  with 9000 series  and   Inkjet coding  for wrapper or  cartons .

Imaje was  independent  company recently taken over by Markem Inc  which were major players in Inkjet printing .Merger of these two companies has made it one of  the world major printing , traceability solutions and product  identification  solution providers .

Markem Imaje product lines  have following equipments/services

  • Small character CIJ printers
  • Thermal transfer overprinters
  • Laser coders
  • Hi-res small character inkjet printers
  • Hi-res large character inkjet printers

    • Large character DOD valve-jet printer
    • Print & Apply systems
    • Ink roll printers
    • Postal printers
    • Supplies
    • Software


    1. good to know about this printing solution used in the bakeries packaging industry.

    2. good to know about this printing solution used in bakeries product packaging industry.


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