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Pocky's In India

Pocky's   is  one   of the  world popular   biscuit  stick  coated   which  is  owned by Japanese company  Ezaki Glico  Co ltd , Japan .  Pocky's pack are now available  at most of  the  retails  shop in major metros  in India .Imported biscuits have been in demands from upper middle class who have money to flaunt on imported biscuits . But now even middle income group consumers are experimenting with new products . Biscuit sticks are  such product.

Pocky was first introduced to people of Japan in year  1961 with  chocolate  flavour . Later many flavours were added to Pocky s biscuits  such as  milk , strawberry ,honey , coconut and banana  with shelf life of one year .Same is marketed by LU , Danone by name  of Mikado in European countries .

Now Pocky stick biscuits are available  to Indian consumers   from  manufacturing countries  like Thailand or China .
Pocky's packs are available  at  Rs  45/-  for  47gm with   flavours like Milk ,Chocolate and Strawberry .Try out Biscuit sticks  which are addictive  enough.

The distributors   for Pocky's  Biscuit  in Delhi are
Delhi  Supply  Co . G-3 , Dewan  House , Ajay Enclave , New Delhi -110018
email : customercare@dcsindia.com  or Call +91- 9310099095


  1. can i buy it as bulk or seperate packs.like 10packs at once of different flavour.pls rply i want to buy it.also the price


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