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What Consumers Should Know About Packaged Food Label s

Here  are  the  declaration made mandatory by FSSAI  for  food manufacturers on  their  food product packaging .( includes  bakery products ). Consumers are advised to check details before buying food products  to ascertain that food is good for consumption.

  • Name , trade name  or description of  food
  • List of  ingredients  in descending  order of  their  composition  by weight and volume
  • Specific  declaration  for added  permitted  colours/added flavours  and their class
  • Symbol of Veg / Non- veg  food (  Green coloured  circle in a square  with green outline for vegetarian food and brown  colour filled circle  inside the square  with brown outline for non-vegetarian  food )
  • Net weight  or number or measure of volume  of  content
  • Month and year of manufacture /packing
  • Best before date with storage condition
  • Nutritional  information  or Nutritional  facts per 100gm or 100ml or per serving of the product
  • The food  in which  hydrogenated vegetable fats  or bakery shortening  is used  shall  declare  on the label  that " Hydrogenated  Vegetable  Fats or  Bakery Shortening  used - Contains Trans Fat "
  • Where a health claim  of  "  Trans Fat Free" is made  then the  Trans Fat  shall be less than  0.2g per serving  and in case  where the claim " Saturated Fat Free"  is made then  the saturated fat  shall not be more than  0.1gm per 100gm  or 100ml of food .
  • Nutritional information are not mandatory  in case of raw  agricultural commodities like  wheat , rice , sugar ,cereal  spice and condiments , table salt  or non - nutritive  products .

In case of any complaints  consumer  can  log in to  or call  1800 180 4566

other  important site on food safety guidelines are
food safety and standards authority of India ( FSSAI)
Ministry of consumer affairs , Food and Public Distribution

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