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How Cassava Flour Helps Nigeria To Reduce Wheat Flour Import

Cassava  Flour usage  in bread and other bakery products have been  encouraged  by the local government  of Nigeria  .Recently  a bill would be introduced into national assembly to  make cassava flour induction  mandatory for bread manufacturers .

Cassava  plants are of two varieties   -sweet and bitter varieties . Cassava flour is being used by local population  to prepare their staple food .Nigeria is the largest cassava flour producer in the world.
cassava flour , flour from cassava , cassava flour in nigeria , nigerian cassava flourAt one side  Nigerian government is  promoting  local flour and has increased  duties on imported wheat  ( levies upto 20 % )/Wheat flour( duties upto 100 % ) which would  hurt  the local bakeries dependent on wheat flour  as prices of  bakery products  such as  bread ,pastries and noodles  would be  impacted most due  to high prices  . HQCF  ( High quality cassava flour) has been developed by  IITA ( International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) . IITA  claims  to substitute wheat  flour  by  40 %  of  cassava  flour  in bread without   affecting  bread characteristics .

A balanced approach  could  save  wheat flour millers  and bakers  which are dependent on  wheat for their jobs where as cassava promotion  can provide  jobs to million  cassava planters  with saving in  imports cost .Value of wheat imports per year in Nigeria is  $ 252 Mn .

Cassava  flours  is extracted from  tubers/ roots   of   cassava plant  . The processing includes peeling/washing, drying , pulverizing  and Milling .

Similar  exercise has been adopted  by Srilankan government   by promoting Rice flour  for  bakery products with  high import duties on wheat .

There is  nothing wrong in substitution  but the problem is on the ban of  wheat  .Let the common man in these country decide what he likes to eat .


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