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Industrial Mezzanine Floors - Storage Solution For Bakeries

While  planning layout for  bakery plant  one can save space or eliminate need of  additional floors through  mezzanine floors  in new project or in the existing  set ups .  Additional space can be generated in bakery production hall through fabricated  mezzanine floors . Normally they are installed and fabricated in end of the production hall with access  to it through staircase . It utilises empty over head space in bakery plants. Industrial mezzanine floors  could be planned for

  Storage of raw material
  Storage of  packing material
  Storage  of  finished material
  Setup  Pre mixing  Area for ease of feeding
  Offices in  bakery plant

Other material handling equipments  would be require for  heavy loads  such as 

Fork lift s

Industrial mezzanine floors , Industrial mezzanine floors in bakeries
Industrial  mezzanine  could  cover  entire production hall span or  could  be made for a section of  the  entire span .Mainly   steel  structures  are used  as frames  with  reinforcement  made through steel beams and channel  sections . Selection of  these structures could be done by calculating load  of  items to be kept on these mezzanine .Columns are provided  if the span is very large  to support  the structure .  Handrails  are provided for extra  safety  for safe working on these mezzanine . Pre fabricated racks and shelves  could be   used for  storage purpose .Other material which can be used are aluminium and fibre glass.Other advantage of these Industrial Mezzanine  is that it can easily dismantled or relocated to other location .

Flooring s could be of  steel sheets  , chequer plate  or  chip boards . False ceilings can used to cover the  structure from under neath .
Most of the biscuit  and bread factories  have these  Industrial mezzanine floors in one or  other forms . As we need to provide  enough height  for  production hall   for better ventilation and heat dissipation .

Storage solutions - Racking
Bulk handling System


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