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Malpractices Prevalent In Bakeries

 Bakeries   adopts  several  malpractices  in their  greed  to make quick  money   with utter disregard for consumer health  or  product  quality  . Few of them have made it a  regular practice until caught  whereas few of them  take chances  when  they  could  pass on with  minimum of risk .Lack of awareness of legal aspects  and  lower penalties encourage  manufacturers to adopt  malpractices in bakeries .

Consumers have to remain  vigilant  on this front  as to report  immediately  to the concerned authorities if they find any thing  missing  either in taste or any  health related issues after consuming these baked items .Following are  signs for  poor quality of  baked items such as

Presence of  foreign particles ( metal , sands , insects , threads , plastic , wrapper  )
Pungent small
Fungus or bacterial growth
Poor packaging - seal broken or open packs
Misleading  labels ( ingredients , allergens  , date )
Poor taste
Stale items
Burnt  small or taste 
Less Weights

Adulteration by mixing  low grade  especially cheap and low nutrient  material 

 Mixing inferior  items  with  ingredients  or diluting standard recipes  for profit


Substitution of  ingredients  lesser known or inferior brand

Bakeries would  buy inferior brands at very low cost  to save money and make profits  at the cost of  consumers well being 

Recycling of  spoiled material 

Many bakeries  are found to recycle  waste dough  or  rejected material to  cut down waste  thus  lowering quality of  product . 

Unsanitary  working condition 

Manufacturers  are found to neglect the  sanitation and hygiene part of  process  to which cases of   infestation and report of  foreign particles in product  are reported  by consumers. Not having enough staff to  do  the cleaning of  factory premises .
Lack of   personal  hygiene  and  sanitation 
Lack of monitoring and  neglecting  personal  hygiene aspects of food handler to save cost .

Use of  fraudulent  weights  and measures
Giving less weight  as declared on pack weight   or  playing with  moisture content  to  have  heavier product  at the risk of product quality .

Not all  bakeries adopt these malpractices but  for few  who indulge in these methods  to make quick profit. Regulators  and consumers should remain vigilant  against  such  malpractices .

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