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The Bakemans Story

   What  went wrong for  a very  popular brand  of north India " Bakemans  "  having wide range of products from biscuits , bread  and cakes  has been now  sold  to Srilankan  company .

Excerpt For  ET 

bakemans , India's failed brandsIn the 1990s, a north-based biscuits company, Bakemans Industries, gave industry leaders Britannia and Parle Products sleepless nights with its aggressively-priced offerings in the Marie and Glucose segments. The regional brand with an enviable 13% share, most of it coming out of Uttar Pradesh, was going places - until it decided to go national.

An attempt to carve out a pan-India presence ended in disaster with it plunging into a sea of red. To wipe out its losses, Bakemans raised prices on its home turf, in Uttar Pradesh. That move proved to be the proverbial final nail in the coffin; Bakemans not only failed to become a national player, it lost pole position in the market in which it once ruled the roost. The company was put up for sale, but even the acquisition by a Sri Lankan biscuit player ended calamitously.

The Bakemans debacle serves as a grim reminder for regional brands seeking to go national.

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  1. My childhood was bakeman's biscuits brought from CSD, dunked in milk and tea. Have fond memories of the giant ten-packet biscuit box. Feel bad to see it is no longer in service. In my memories, Bakeman's will continue to hold a place of high esteem.

    1. that super pack of 10 packets yellowish and brown stripes from CSD... ha ha! Awesome days

  2. No one is like bakeman's still I remember that test and tried so many costly brands but not finding that one.

    No one can forget that awesome cream biscuits test.


  3. i sill remember... there was a butterscotch flavour cream filled biscuits.. of bakemans.. today i was watching hindi art movie.. came in 1984.. in which i was a bakemans biscuits hording.. so i stop that movie..and start searching

  4. My favourite biscuit.... I enjoyed lot this biscuit. But can't get this....

  5. I still remember bakeman's cookies ..really loved them in my childhood ..never found another cookie like that afterwards in supermarket shelves

  6. No one is like bakeman's still I remember the test.

    No one can forget that awesome cream biscuits test.

  7. Still I know the add......Rona Dhona Bas Kar Bas......Bekmen's Glucose Plus !!!!!

  8. I remember the day when bakeman commercial was shown on tv in which some hostel students were there . From that day I also decided to go to hostel.thanx bakeman


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