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Multipack Systems Becomes Omori India Pvt Ltd

 I would  like  to draw attention of  readers  to  major development  in Indian packing machine industry where in one of leading  packing machine manufacturer have been  taken over by Japanese major Omori Machinery  Co Ltd . Dashing  hope of having an  Indian major packing equipment manufacturer with global  reach .taking  on  world majors packing machines manufacturers like Bosch packaging , Ulma  and Campbell .

India s  premier packaging solution provider company Multipack Systems  has  sold its 51 %  stake to  Japanese  packaging major company  Omori Machinery Co Ltd .  Amount shelved by Japanese major has been in tune of  Rs 200 crores.

Multipack  has emerged  as one of the leading Indian packaging  solution provider  in this region exporting packing machines to the , South Asian, African , Central Asian countries and South East Asian  countries .Multipack packing machines has been used for products like  bakery, snacks , pharma , soaps and confectionery   with  client  like   Unilever , P&G , Britannia , Parle , GSKB  ,Kraft , Kelloggs,Nestle , ITC , Danone , Pepsi  and other major players in FMCG segment .

Omori  Machinnery Co Ltd  has wide range of products  which are available  in world  products which includes Horizontal form fill seal , Thermofermers ,Tray wrapper ,Cartoners , Caser ,Automatic Banding  Machines and other packaging  solutions .with  presence in Europe , Asia , Africa  and North America

Taking  majority  stake in  Multipack system pvt ltd  provide Omori  a strong foot hold in  Indian market  alongwith South Asia .The Indian packaging industry has been growing @ 12%  against  Global  growth of 5%.. Indian packing industry  market value is estimated to be $ 7.6 billion .

Role Of A Production Executive In A Biscuit Plant

 Role  of  production  shift  executive / in charge / officer   is critical  in  biscuit production unit  ,one can easily  say that he becomes the nerve centre for all activities in plant where  he has to ensure the production as per production plan. Skills includes  technical as well as soft skills on personnel front .

1. Pre mixing section  plant wise water quantity, abc, sieve condition, biscuit powder quantity and any problems or things to be taken care in the section. temperatures of  chilled water or hot water as per requirement .

 2. Sugar grinder and sugar automation check spillages of sugar, air balloons condition, check sugar (dosing) quantity with standards.

 3. Creamer check all the ingredients you are dosing in to the creamer, check the creaming time and check the cream transfer system (whether total cream is getting transferred in to the mixer or not.) 

4. Check the Maida system and Maida quantity

 5. Check all the ccps sieves, magnets and metal detectors

 6. Check mixing time for better consistency to get required stack length, required dimensions, good finish, better appearance and best quality. 

7. Maintain dough temperature, standing time and keep the dough covered. 

 8. Check the over profile Temperatures zone wise, moisture damper position and main damper position and burners running condition.

 9. Check the baking time weight, moisture stack length, dimensions, colour (top and bottom), texture, finishing and taste of the biscuit. 

10. Have a round in biscuit grinding room and check for the sieve condition and give instructions to people to follow fifo system 

11. Have a round in cream preparation room and check for the cream quality and consistency 

12. Check all the formats and put signature every one hour duration. 

13. Check whether the biscuits getting stacked properly or not

 14. Check the packet sealing condition, print quality poly bag sealing and tape condition 

15. Be alert at shift change time and allocate labour properly as per standard allotment.

 16. Check the packet quality sealing quality, printing quality, poly bag sealing, cb filling and taping and finally shift the cb to a correct place in the finished go down. (every one hour duration)

 17. Communicate to your superiors all the time whatever the problems you are facing in the section. 

18. Achieve the target production as per given standards. 

 19. Control defectives biscuits defectives generation within given standards and laminate wastage in given standards. 20. Finally handover the shift in good condition no left over dough, no back log left, no defectives packets left, no semi finished left and plant in good hygienic condition. 

20 . Plan any change over   for  packing machine .

21 . Observe  malfunction of  plant and machinery and record / report to  engineering section for  suitable action .

22. Segregate  / weigh  and record  defectives and waste  which are then   moved  out  for scrap  .

23 . Adjust  baking time . speed of plant  as per  quality  demand .

A successful  stint in production role  could   increase the chance of  an individual  to take responsibility of Factory head or General Manager  later  in professional career .

ITC launches Delishus Premium Cookies

With stiff competition in generic biscuit category  ITC  has  launched  Dilshush cookies to cater  demand of  cookies thus competing  with Unibic  which produces whole range of cookies on mass scale . Britannia and Parle too have there own variant of cookie biscuit such as Good day and  Twnety - Twenty  respectively  but with different production process .

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