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Greggs - UK 's Popular bakery retailer - A Profile

greggs bake shop , greggs bakery retail chain , greggs bakery chain , uk premier Gregg's a major bakery retailer declared its plan to open 600 bakery shops in near future.This would give jobs to around 6000 people .Encouraged by the sales figures and popular demand for its product Gregg's has plan for opening at least 50-60 more shops by 2010 and 70 shops per year from 2011 onwards .

A Profile
Established in year 1930 by John Gregg's at Tenyside . It went on to have seven central divisions and 504 shops by 1994 . It has acquired Bakers Oven and Birketts
Gregg's bakery shop are popular destination for customers who prefer fresh baked products . Gregg's now owns upto 1400 bakery shops through out UK . It operates on regional central bakery supplying bakery products to local retail shops all of then owned by Gregg's. Its 10 such divisions in UK.
Improved shop designs were introduced , with the new Gregg's format offering improved access to takeaway food and speedier service, and Bakers Oven featuring an enhanced seated catering concept. It become most sought out bakeries in the country.
Main products of Gregg's are Sandwiches ,Savouries , Bread , Cakes and Regional Specialities bakery products .

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