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How To Pack Biscuit's

When  we have to select   type  of packaging  for  biscuit , following  factors  need  to be kept  in mind before  we   finalize  your  purchase   selection becomes  more critical for large  biscuit plants  and operations with  large volumes .

Semi automatic

Check   the  type  of  pack  you need  to  market your  biscuits

Pillow  pack
Family  pack
Tikki  pack
Pouch  pack
Jar  pack
ATC pack 
Twisted  Pack

Orientation   of   biscuit  in pack

On the  edge
Pile  pack

Packing material

Plain Poly

 Once   these  are finalized   we can then   select the   biscuit  packing  machine 
Packing  machines
 Horizontal  flow wrap
Vertical  Form  Fill
Shrink  Wrap
Glue  Applicator
Cream sandwich machine
(4 lane / 2 lane  )
Bagging machine
Tray  packing  machine 

Select the  correct   combination   to  have  optimum  output   with   niche in the market

Biscuit Packaging Ideas

Different  type s of packaging for biscuit
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Biscuit packing materials

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Biscuit packing involves various different packing material .Packaging main objective s are to give product a longer shelf life , mechanical cushion against damage , labelling as per food laws , nutritional and calories , allergen notification , advertisement and promotion .

Packing material are checked for GSM ( grams per sq mtr) , thickness ( micron) and bursting strength apart from physical features like printing , symbols , labels etc .

Following features are required for biscuit packing material

  • Water vapour permeability

  • Oxygen permeability

  • Aroma impermeability of product

  • Resistance to seepage of fat and oil

  • Protection towards uv lights

  • Heat sealability

  • Printablity

  • Mechanical cushion against shock and vibrations

  • Labels for consumer information

  • Convenient opening options like tear tape , incision cuts etc

Materials for biscuit packing are

  • BOPP Film ( Bi axial oriented polypropylene )
    Bopp monofilm
    Bopp clear film and Bopp printed
    Bopp combination like Bopp pearlised or BOPP/PER
    Bopp metallized or BOPP/MET

  • LDPE preformed pouches

  • Polypropylene preformed pouches

  • LDPE Laminates for pillow packs

  • Metallized Polyester for pillow pack

  • Thermoformed Pvc Trays

  • Thermoformed polysterene

  • CBBS

  • Tins

  • Stickers

  • Tear Tapes

  • Display boxes

  • Plain Boxes

  • Shrink wrap Film

  • Over wrap Film

  • Poly bags
    Wrappers or laminates have to be stored in dry and cool place as high temperatures and humidity can damage the wrapper. Major problems due to humidity and temperatures are curling and cracking .

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