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Britannia With Cake TVC

Britannia Cakes has almost complete dominance over sliced bar cake market none other player has national reach as Britannia cake has It has been one of the power brands of Britannia which has not seen major ads for long but now Britannia is coming up new TVC for its cakes .

Britannia is all set to prove that their cakes are full of goodness with their new commercial by Grey India. The Britannia TVC brings to light the goodness of cakes with a campaign that shows how a Britannia cake is made from the healthiest of ingredients, which include milk, eggs and fruit. The multi media campaign will break by mid November.

source :campaignindia.in

Britannia 's Nutrichoice 5 grains biscuit- Product review

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Britannia has launched a new variant biscuit under its Nutri choice brand called 5 grain. (Launched in end of last year ).Britannia which has declared health and nutrition as its one of the major focus to drive consumers for healthy eating .

Nutrichoice 5 grain cosnsists following Major ingredients
Oats , Corn ,Ragi , Rice and Wheat with zero transfat .

Other ingredients are wheat bran , edible vegetable oil and fat , sugar ,milk solid , salt , honey .
These are elongated elliptical shaped biscuits and could be a good alternative snacks for hunger pangs during afternoon and evening .

Priced Rs 18/- per 100gram pack

Other products under Nutrichoice brand are
Digestive high fibre ,Cream Cracker with low sugar and Sugar Out litetime

It has a plastic tray with two pockets which keep these biscuit in place .

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