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Britannia launches Cookies - A Low Cost Variant To Good Day

Britannia has launched a  new category of biscuits  Cookies  with elaichi butter flavour in 62gms @ Rs5/- a pack. It is trying to cover the market segment which is buying the unbranded cookies available at retail  but are popular with the middle class consumers . Britannia  Good Day brand is already established in this segment but is considered to be priced at premium .  It would taken other players such as ITC , Priya gold  and United Biscuits who are offering cookies in this price band .

A new ad campaign has been launched for this new product .

 A Report

Britannia has launched a new TV campaign for Britannia Cookies - a butter elaichi flavoured product it has recently launched.

The campaign has been created by McCann Erickson, Britannia's creative agency. Dadu (Abhijit Chaudhary) of Black Magic Films has produced the TV commercial.

The company states that communication challenge was to create rapid trials for the product among consumers at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP). Britannia states that the cookie category in India is growing at 25%, which includes its Good Day range at the top end. However, the purpose behind launching the product was to tap the opportunity at the bottom end of the category, where consumers are looking to upgrade to a better taste experience i.e. from staple biscuits such as glucose and Marie to cookies. It has priced its 62 gm pack at Rs 5.

Shalini Degan, category director– delight and lifestyle, Britannia Industries said, "Our research showed that amongst middle-class India, missing a meal is sacrilege. Once this offence is discovered, all efforts are made by near and dear ones to ensure the next best substitute to a meal. Also consumer product research revealed that consumers find Britannia Cookies as the best nutritious and wholesome snack option. Also the cookies segment is growing at 25 cent with consumers upgrading from staple biscuits such as glucose and Marie to cookies. By introducing Britannia Cookies we bring the real cookie experience to this first time cookie consumer."


TV  AD  for  Britannia Cookies

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