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Aliva to be positioned as Cracker

Aliva , pepsico aliva, frito lay aliva , aliva baked snacks , aliva baked biscuits Aliva is a new product from Frito lay- the snacking arm of PepsiCo. After a long period Frito lay has come up with baked product which can be promoted on healthy food platform as it is not fried but baked as biscuits with zero trans fat . Packed in vertical pouch similar to namkeens ,Bhujias ( snacks) sold in India .

After success of Kurkure Frito lay is now experimenting with new category of product which is called cracker to taken on competition from namkeens and salty crackers from major bakery manufacturers . Its had mega launch recently and products is visible on every major shops . Aliva name has been carefully crafted so as to prepare this kind of product in other countries . Frito lay has repeated the product formulation of Kurkure i.e. local flavors for Indian market such as Special Pindi Masala, Original Salted, Mint with Herbs and Tomato, and Roasted Spices. The value proposition is a combination of taste and nutrition. .Frito Lay has developed Aliva for Indian palate though they had wide variety of popular international brands such as SunChips, Doritos, Fritos which could have been launched or replicated .

Aliva has been priced fairly on the premium side a Rs 12/- per pack . Competition would come from Parle Monaco smart chips , Britannia's 50-50 , digestives , multigrain biscuit and ITC -Bingo .


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