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Pepsico Launches New Bakery Products

With initial success of  Aliva  snacks Pepsico India  has  launched new variant  of  baked snacks

Multigrain Waves
Milk Minis

Thus  challenging competitors like Parle and Britannia

PepsiCo Joins Kraft , UB & GSKB To Add Competiton In Indian Biscuit Market

"Decade of Biscuits " as rightly claimed  by  Nikhil Sen  , CEO  Unibic India and an old hand from Britannia  Industries ( Ex -COO) . Major Internatioal players are making beeline to untapped Indian biscuit segment  which have been dominated by two player  from long namely Britannia and Parle .  Kraft , United biscuits , GSKB ,Unibic and now Pepsi Co  have launched their product or planning to do so . Even Indian companies like  Shakti Bhog and now Marico  are planning to enter Rs 11,000 crore biscuit market  which is still dominated by unbranded products .Amul , India's  Dairy major  has  been news for its plan to explore  Indian biscuit segment . Consumers would see innovative products&packaging   as these companies would  try  to  lure  Indian consumers and garner market share .

A report
Forget cola war, PepsiCo now wants to battle it out in the Rs 11,000-crore Indian biscuits market that is getting chock-a-block with new entrants. The American food and beverages maker, which launched Aliva baked crackers in 2009, will start test-marketing oats-based premium cookies under its Quaker brand next month, two officials directly involved with the development said.

PepsiCo India is among a slew of domestic and international companies rushing to the fastest-growing processed food segment in the country, growing 20% a year, faster than noodles and potato chips. “The category will explode this decade,” says Nikhil Sen, biscuits industry veteran and MD of Bangalore-based biscuit maker Unibic India. American major Kraft Foods is expected to kick off its India foray with biscuits some time this year.

The Economic Times

Aliva to be positioned as Cracker

Aliva , pepsico aliva, frito lay aliva , aliva baked snacks , aliva baked biscuits Aliva is a new product from Frito lay- the snacking arm of PepsiCo. After a long period Frito lay has come up with baked product which can be promoted on healthy food platform as it is not fried but baked as biscuits with zero trans fat . Packed in vertical pouch similar to namkeens ,Bhujias ( snacks) sold in India .

After success of Kurkure Frito lay is now experimenting with new category of product which is called cracker to taken on competition from namkeens and salty crackers from major bakery manufacturers . Its had mega launch recently and products is visible on every major shops . Aliva name has been carefully crafted so as to prepare this kind of product in other countries . Frito lay has repeated the product formulation of Kurkure i.e. local flavors for Indian market such as Special Pindi Masala, Original Salted, Mint with Herbs and Tomato, and Roasted Spices. The value proposition is a combination of taste and nutrition. .Frito Lay has developed Aliva for Indian palate though they had wide variety of popular international brands such as SunChips, Doritos, Fritos which could have been launched or replicated .

Aliva has been priced fairly on the premium side a Rs 12/- per pack . Competition would come from Parle Monaco smart chips , Britannia's 50-50 , digestives , multigrain biscuit and ITC -Bingo .


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