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ITC has 11% market share in biscuit s

ITC the tobacco major has managed to get 11% market share of biscuits with competitors like BRITANNIA , PARLE , PRIYA GOLD
ITC is planning to expands its production base as biscuit market has seen growth rate between 15-20%.

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Parle G the undisputed leader in Glucose biscuit

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I was just wondering how come Parle G has maintained its leadership for such long in glucose variety .Even when you had competitors like Britannia presence in market .Major Points which come in my mind are following .

Recipe: Parle G Recipe has been unique and all of it characteristic like bite , baking ,taste and aroma stands different from other brands of glucose. Britannia early response was with a product known as Glucose -D .Now of course they have launched new product called Tiger which has got substantial share of glucose market but yet it has to catch up with Parle -G

It started early .Parle was the one which started glucose biscuit in mass production .

Marketing : Its penetration to entire spectrum of market is envious . You can find Parle G in any corner of India .Of course the packaging with the child with a smile over its pack has won million consumer . The target consumers have been children who are dominant part of consumer base .

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