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Milano Minis

Parle premium cookies are  now re packaged in cups  and branded as mini cookies laden with choco  chips 

Parle Launches Fusion Cookies

Innovative products

  would   be the mantras for biscuit manufacturers to  have  healthy bottom lines .
Following this principle  Parle has launched Fusion Cookies  in its  Happy Happy  brand  . Its has unique combination two types of dough . It  has been targeted towards teens and kids , with attractive packaging , colors and flavors  it should  definitely  make a niche . Similar attempt has  been made by   Mondelez -Kraft  with bournvita cookies .

Parle To Open Bakery Retail Shop s - Parle Shoppe

Drawn  by  ever increasing rush by investors , businessmen and vc  . Parle products  have  decided to  start  exclusive retail  shops  in line of Haldirams  and  Monginis  bakery retails shops selling  cakes , cookies and other popular bakery products . There seems to immense potential  in  these retail  shop which allows consumers to select bakery product of their choice and to  spend time eating at the same place .Parle might also try  to launch packaged cake and chocolates in coming months  .

A  report

Parle Products, the maker of brands such as Hide & Seek and Monaco, will foray into two new segments of packaged cakes and chocolates in the next quarter. “Parle has plans to launch chocolates and packaged cakes within a month or two,” said a senior company official close to the development.
Distributors of the biscuit maker, which is market leader by volume, told Financial Chronicle that the company’s plan is to diversify its product portfolio in order to cash in on the growing bakery business. Praveen Kulkarnii, general manager - marketing at Parle Products, denied that the company is foraying into the two new segments. “We have no plans to enter cake or chocolates categories,” he said.
Industry officials told FC that Parle has also started its own chain of exclusive retail outlets called ‘Parle Shoppes’.

The outlets are expected to help the company in its first diversification outside the biscuits and confectionery segment. The first such outlet has come up in South Mumbai. Parle’s move to experiment with setting up exclusive outlets aims to replicate the success of Monginis which has exclusive Monginis shops selling cakes, savouries and packaged bakery products. Kulkarnii, however, said the company has no plan to expand its Parle Shoppe network.
The entry into the packaged cakes segment, which is dominated by Monginis and Britannia, is an outcome of the company’s focus on new product introduction to drive growth, according to industry officials. While some of its new products such as Parle Monaco Smart Chips have been a success, others such as Parle wafers and FullToss have been a mixed bag.

The leading players in the chocolate market are Cadburys, Nestle and Amul.
Rivals in the market believe that all players in these segments will benefit when the “pie” increases. Virendra Ghole, GM (marketing and ecommerce) at Monginis Foods, said, “The packaged cake market is driven by distribution. With a mighty distribution set up covering remote parts of India, Parle will be successful in making a large impact on this industry. The market will expand with increased awareness for branded cakes benefiting organised branded firms.

author : Meghana maiti & Y.A .Pitalwalla

Parle Launches Milk Power In Tamil Nadu

 milk power , parle milk power , parle biscuits
Parle products  India s leading biscuit manufacturer  has test  launched  Milk Power biscuits in Tamil Nadu  prior to going  pan India .  Tamil nadu has almost 55% market  share for milk biscuits  still dominated by arch rival Britannia's  Milk Bikkis , new  ITC  Milk magic and  Horlicks biscuits  . Parle 's  earlier foray  into Milk biscuit segment was through  its  product called Milk Shakti   with  recipe of milk with honey  which  could not  make much of  impact . Parle now  with new avatar of Milk Power  has  launched  this  biscuit fortified with  vitamins and iron  which would appeal to health  conscious mothers .Milk  variety  is about 5-10% of  total biscuit production popular among kids and teens .

source : Financial Chronicle 

Parle Products Goes For Expansion Mode To Thwart Competition

 Parle  Products  the leading  biscuit manufacturer  in India  has adopted  a aggressive  expansion plan  to maintain its leadership position in biscuit segment through increasing its production  capacities and distribution channels .

A report
The Rs6,000 crore biscuits major Parle Products, which has pilfered Britannia Industries Ltd’s market share, is looking to maintain its leadership in the branded biscuits segment.
Parle claims to hold a market share of 40% in volume and 32% in value terms in the branded biscuits segment. At present, Britannia has a market share of 28% in volume terms and 32% in value.

Analysts estimate Britannia has lost about 4% volume share in the last three years, whereas Parle has gained the same.
Going forward, the company plans to double its distribution network and increase the number of its manufacturing units.

complete story  on -DNA

PARLE - G World's Largest Selling Biscuit - Nielsen

Parle -G still  rules  the world   .Parle -G with its taste and quality has  been popular for generations of Indian  .
Parle-G, the glucose biscuit brand from Parle Products , has consolidated its position as the world's largest selling biscuit brand, says a report by Nielsen.

The study, for last year, says Parle-G has topped brands like Kraft's Oreo, Wal-Mart's private labels and Mexico's Gamesa in voulme sales to lead the 11,295-crore Indian biscuits category.

The Nielsen study adds India is the world's leading market for biscuits, ahead of the US, Mexico, China, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Spain.

The Economic Times

Parle Counters Competition With Plans To Increase Capacities

 Parle  have  taken on to competition  with  declaration  that it   would enhance its capacities in tune of 15 % . with  competitors planning for  expansions such as Britannia , ITC , Unibic  and new entrants  like Shakti Bhog and United Biscuits it has to be aggressive to protect its turf  . Parle has recently   being elevated itself to No-1  company   in  Indian biscuits  market  by volume of sales .


Parle Products is extending its distribution network and increasing manufacturing capacity by a fifth to maintain its market share. The leading biscuit maker has been unable to meet the growing demand for its products through its distribution channels.

Praveen Kulkarnii, general manager (marketing) of Parle Products, said they had not been able to meet the demand due to supply issues. “We are increasing our capacity by 15-20 per cent. The franchisees for outsourced manufacturing would be making investment for capacity addition.”

Parle, which clocked a turnover of Rs 4,000 crore in 2009-10, markets products such as Parle G, Melody, Monaco and Krack Jack. The company is expecting its sales to grow by 15-20 per cent this financial year.

The company is looking at expanding the product portfolio by introducing newer categories. “Parle Top, which was launched recently, will be extended to other markets in a few weeks. We will be spending around Rs 5-10 crore for advertising,” said Kulkarnii.

The market is split between three major players — Parle, Britannia and ITC — and a clutch of regional players.

“We are aware of the increasing market share of our rivals. We are trying to plug in the gaps in distribution. We are beefing up our marketing strategies and promotions, advertising to woo consumers,” said Kulkarni

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Britannia Vs Parle – Battle for the market continues

Britannia and parle the two food majors of India in the field of biscuits and bakery products . fighting it out in market for the share of consumers pocket and market dominance .In yester years it was market segments which both have dominated and not much was seen to disturb that arrangement.Parle with its Parle G , Kraxkjack and manaco where as Britannia has Good day , Marie gold , Creams
Britannia dominated the premium segment of biscuits where as parle dominated the mass ,low premium biscuits ,things were pretty predictable but for the
entry of new players have changed that status .Now that ITC and Priya gold are trying to break into their market and have established them selves as important players in biscuit market . These two major biscuit producers has are now forced to innovate products by the consumers to create brands which could be differentiated .
Both are trusted brand are ranked in top brands for biscuit ,both have a long history of brands . The Major difference though is that where Britannia is revenues from bakery products is around 90 % ,share of biscuit sales is around –80% for parle
Recently two categories has seen major ad war are bourbon and salty snacks . Parle has come up with new bourbon under its hide and seek umbrella brand .Pitching against Britannia s popular bourbon which has 70% market share of the bourbon biscuits . Parle upped its TV ads by roping in Hritik roshan . Similarly Parle has re jigged its Krack Jack biscuits to Britannia's 50- 50 eating up its market share . Krack Jacks with new packaging and TV ads of Krack and Jack promoting the brands . It would be interesting to see what impacts these would have on the sales of these two biscuits .
Nature of businessPublic ltdFamily run business
No of manufacturing units5 own ,40CMU8 own units ,60 CMU
Market share ( value)32.80%32.94%
Ads Major methods Cricket events and players Celebrities endorse ment
New areas of promotionEnvironment Health and wellness
GlucoseTigerParle -GParle-G
MarieMarie GoldParle Marie Marie Gold
Salty snacks50-50Krack JackKrack Jack
Choco chipsGood dayHide n seekGood day
MilkMilk bikisMilk sakhtiMilk bikis
BourbonBourbonHide n SeekBourbon
Nice Nice------Britannia Nice
Multi grainNutri choice-----Nutri choice
Cream Cream TreatKreamsCream treats
CookieGood day20-20Good day
So the battle for market share continues and advantage is for consumers who will get better product from both these biscuit majors .

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Parle revamps its popular Krack Jack Brand

Parle products Indias leading biscuit manufacturer has revamped its Popular salt n sweet biscuit
Krack Jack with a new packaging and logo . Krack Jack is the leader in salt n sweet biscuit category with 45% market share with Britannia 50 -50 coming next to it .

Krack Jack along with Parle G makes the maximum contribution to Parle sales .Krack Jack campaign is worked out by Thoughtshop, Message which is underlined is duality of life with personal anecdotes .The characters Krack and Jack would be personified by actors Swapnil and Gaurav on Tv ad s.


Parle goes green with eco -campaigns

parle eco campaign , parle products , parle g , parle my green planet
Parle products which owns brands like Parle -G , Krackjack , Monaco , Hide n seek and several other biscuits brands is planning for major ad campaign for awareness among school children and masses on environmental issues .

Marathon campaign on FM ( 9270 sms )starts on 2nd Oct
The program is titled as Parle G -for green ,G -for genius .RJ would go non stop advocating about green environment and its advantages along with issues like global warming ,power saving , water pollution ,air pollution and steps to save environment .It is done on BIG 92.7 FM Radio Network across the country and would continue till they get 9270 sms .


Campaign in schools
Parle products India's biggest biscuit manufacturer has planned campaign for green environment with campaign titled My Green Planet . This campaign would be launched through 70 cities across India with participation of 5000 schools .Aim to educate 8 million people.Program would be launched from first week of October till 20 th of October and would cover planting trees . Eco friendly disposal for wrapper s would be taught to the children and their parents .


Parle G the undisputed leader in Glucose biscuit

parle g , parle glucose , parle glucose biscuits , parle g biscuit
I was just wondering how come Parle G has maintained its leadership for such long in glucose variety .Even when you had competitors like Britannia presence in market .Major Points which come in my mind are following .

Recipe: Parle G Recipe has been unique and all of it characteristic like bite , baking ,taste and aroma stands different from other brands of glucose. Britannia early response was with a product known as Glucose -D .Now of course they have launched new product called Tiger which has got substantial share of glucose market but yet it has to catch up with Parle -G

It started early .Parle was the one which started glucose biscuit in mass production .

Marketing : Its penetration to entire spectrum of market is envious . You can find Parle G in any corner of India .Of course the packaging with the child with a smile over its pack has won million consumer . The target consumers have been children who are dominant part of consumer base .

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