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Britannia s Marie Gold - Product review

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Britannia's Marie gold is one of the power brands of Britannia's products. Marie gold has low sugar content hence popular with elderly people . Marie gold is also favorite tea time biscuit ,Its now available in Zero trans fat category .
Here some features
Name of the product --- Marie Gold
Taste - Good with some flavour of milk
Color - yellowish brown
Bite- hard bite
Packaging- Good , available in 337gms family pack , 171gms slug pack
Ingredients-Wheat flour ,Sugar,Edible vegetable oil ,Invert syrup , Milk solid , Salt , Emulsifiers and dough conditioners.Added flavours ( Butter , Vanilla ,milk)
Calories-434 kcal per 100gm servings
Price - Rs 25.00 for 337 gm s
Competitors --- Parle s Marie , ITC Marie , Priya Golds Marie lite

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