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United Biscuits ( UB )presence in International Market

UB International (UBI) drives the marketing and sales of UB’s biscuits and snacks around the world. Well known European brands are increasingly becoming loved internationally and UBI develops markets and availability. This is achieved either through direct representation in these countries or through an authorised distributor.

UBI uses a consumer led approach for key brands in key markets. It aims to meet consumer needs in the three main global snacking trends – health, pleasure and convenience. This consumer focus, combined with excellent products and relevant brand values, has made UBI a growth engine of the UB group.

To further accelerate this growth, UBI is increasing its marketing investment in key markets, in addition to entering into new markets with great potential.

Our key markets

Canada, USA, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Middle East, Australia, India and Nigeria.

Our key brands

McVitie’s, Fruit & Form, Carr’s, Delacre and BN

Case study - Nigeria

An good example of UB International is seen in Nigeria. McVitie’s has been a recognised and established brand within Nigeria since the 1980s when it was the number one imported biscuit brand.

A Government embargo on imported biscuits resulted in UB’s biscuits being banned and subsequently sales were lost in the Nigerian market. In order to maintain a presence in this market, UB set up a local co-manufacturing agreement to make biscuits in Nigeria.

UB International is now re-building distribution and expanding production capabilities to develop a range of locally Nigerian produced products to meet consumer demand.

Marketing efforts need to work creatively to take advantage of the opportunities in a developing market. Significant efforts have been put into developing a route to market, including the aptly named “go slow” – an important route to market for FMCG. In the capital, Lagos, constant traffic jams create rolling malls where the “go slow boys” sell products between the cars. Depending on the time of day, drivers are offered different products and McVitie’s Digestive time is mid-morning.

Although there are around 500,000 stores in Nigeria, only 20 of these are supermarkets. The vast majority of stores are small kiosks or simply tabletops. A successful piece of POS designed to adapt to such stores has been the introduction of a hanger, which is used to hang 10 packs of McVitie’s Digestives. This is used extensively and has the added advantage of acting as a hanging billboard for the brand.

In 2008 UB International is expecting sales from Nigeria to be six times more in volume than in 2007.

Case study – Middle East

McVitie’s Digestive is very popular in the Middle East, outperforming the growth of the biscuit category. UB International’s core business in the Middle East comes from McVitie’s Digestive, McVitie’s Digestive Light, McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive and McVitie’ HobNobs. Lead markets are Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Ub has a very effective operational structure that makes its products available in the entire Gulf.

Revenue in the Middle East region is growing due to new product launches, marketing support and excellent execution of displays in store.

In some areas McVitie’s Light Digestive is out performing McVitie’s Original Digestive. This has encouraged UB International to launch Fruit & Form biscuits to further meet the consumer health trend. The reception by the trade has been so positive that some retailers have positioned the biscuits both with the cereal bars and in the 'health' aisle.

Source :www.uniteddbiscuit.co.uk

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