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Energy Saving Projects Implemented By UK Bakers

Here are  few energy savings project reported in bakeryinfo.co.uk  which  are being implemented by bakers in UK . All these can easily be  implemented by bakers across the globe to reduce the energy cost .

  • Bakeries are replacing heavy metal  steel  tins  to  thermoplastic  tins  . Could save heating energy by 13 %.Thermoplastic tins are energy efficient .
  • Bakeries are implementing  control  of excess air  in combustion . This excess air  results  in large amount of  heat waste . By controlling  excess air used  in  oven burners  combustion on can  reduce the fuel consumption .
  • Improving exhaust flue gas  optimum pressure  with mechanical ventilation system .
  • Heat recovery  from bakery  oven  through exchangers and utilising it  for pre heating of  air  or  heating applications


More on energy savings in bakery

Waste Heat recovery from biscuit oven stacks

Biscuit manufacturing involves high temperatures for baking .Various type of ovens are available for baking bakery products . Heat recovery can be done for biscuit oven which has 5 - 6 zones basically in indirect Oven .As temperatures are very high ( 400-500degc) on  feed end these stacks are then joined to a common duct which collects heat from these stacks with help of blower and then these flue gases is passed onto the last zone which requires low temperature . This temperature is as low as 180- 200 deg c can be attained by circulating flue gases collected in common duct from these stacks .This eliminates need of one burner all together at coloring zone or last zone .

Fuel is saved by implementing this kind of arrangement . 15 ltrs-20ltrs /hr can be saved

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