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Local Bakery Equipment Manufacturers Draws Huge Crowd At Techmart2010

Techmart 2010 organised  by NSIC  has  wide representation of small scale industries  from areas like bakery , textiles , dairy , leather and handicraft .Its  held  along with annual Indian trade fair at Pragati Maidan ,New Delhi.

Major  attractions has been   live  demonstration  of  manufacturing process  by these small  bakery equipment manufacturers  where  one can see cookies preparation and baking .Products were offered to visitors  fresh from oven .Capacities displayed were from  30kg-50kg/hr  of production .

Some of the bakery equipment suppliers were

Pritul Machines: Mixers , Rotary  Ovens ,

Growthway Technologies: Mixer , Rotary  Ovens , Depositors

Ever Bake :  Rotary Ovens

Goodlife  :  Rotary Oven , Mixers and Depositors

In addition to  bakery equipment manufactures One can visit packaging machinery section which  could be used in cookies , cakes  and biscuit packagin

Companies present were

Jawla Engineering Pvt Ltd  -  HFW  , Vertical form fill machine

Shri Vinayak Packaging Machine  P ltd - Shrink wrap , Sealers , Vertical form fill machines

Entrepreneurs  looking for  starting small bakeries   could visit   these manufacturers /Suppliers  in Hall No-14  at TechMart 2010 .

Bakery Cafes are profitable business - A survey

Bakery Cafe s have reported spectacular growth in  recent  economic slowdown .Manufacturing has been hit by the cost escalation how ever  the bakery cafes  are in expansion mode . A recent survey by  Technomic tells us all.

According to Technomic’s new study, the 2009 Technomic Top 25 Bakery Cafe Chains Restaurant Report, system-wide sales for the bakery-café industry grew 12 percent in 2008 to $4.5 billion, led by Panera Bread, Einstein Bros. Bagels and Au Bon Pain, with $2.6 billion, $393 million and $307 million respectively.

"The consumer trade-down from full-service to limited-service formats that solidified through 2008 and into 2009 allowed fast-casual bakery cafes to truly shine," said Darren Tristano, executive vice president at Technomic. "The appeal of moderately priced, high-quality menu offerings served in contemporary ambiance, as well as consumer perception of value for this format, has more than likely strengthened over the past year."

Among the trends, products, and findings included in the report:

Health and nutrition: Einstein Bros. Bagels' Lighter Fare Menus.

Expansion of breakfast offerings: Atlanta Bread Company, Corner Bakery Café, and Panera Bread.

Revamped catering programs: Au Bon Pain's Hot Lunch line.

Value equation: La Madeleine's Choose Two Menu, Einstein Bros. Bagels' Snack-Out menu, Au Bon Pain's small-bite Portions menu.

Nontraditional sites and urban locations: airports, college campuses, military bases, medical centers and hotels.

Social media: use of Facebook and Twitter to promote new and limited-time offerings.

Bakery cafe chains' units expanded by 6.6 percent to 3,107 locations.

Paradise Bakery & Cafe was the sales growth leader at 30.7 percent. Le Pain Quotidien was the leader in store count growth rate at 29.6 percent.

Source: Technomic Inc

Baker as a Career Option

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With bakery products in demand and bakery retails opening every where bakers are in demand and there is shortfall of skilled bakers in the industry . You can choose baker as profession and earn hand some amount . Advantage to this career is that at any stage you can start your own signature bakery products .

Baking as industry is as old as human civilisation .Bread has been the staple food for many civilisation , bread is consumed by all people across the globe .Bakers are also required at hotels , restaraunt ,hospitals , army and universities ,airlines etc.

You can earn something like Rs 25000 - Rs 50000 with age and experience you can have your own branded products . You can go for two year or four year degree course in baking and bakery related courses . These course s also provides internship for practical training . Check workshops and seminars by bakery associations where they provide certificate course or short duration course for baking .

As baker you need to know the roles of ingredients , equipments , packaging material,food safety standards ,food laws , ingredients prices , marketing. Bakers can be creative profession where you get enough space for imagination and creativeness.

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Outsourcing manufacturing in Bakery Industry

Maximum number of Bakery product manufacturers are outsourcing their manufacturing activity .It make sense also with overhead cost spiralling up outsourcing becomes the most obvious route . The Big 3 ( PARLE , BRITANNIA , ITC ) all have outsourced their most of manufacturing to contract manufacturers . Contract manufacturers are paid for conversion of raw material into finished product . Contract manufacturers liabilities are labour , legal , land ,maintenance ,utilities and other local laws .This allows these Major players to focus on marketing , brand development , R&D activities . Contract Manufacturers also have business to run OR to run plants full time and can build own brand . This is also termed as Third party manufacturing or private label . This helped number of factory owners to generate business , give employment to large number of people . This concepts has also caught attention of entrepreneurs who outsources bakery product with there own recipes , brand and packaging . Entrepreneurs or businessmen from developed economies outsource products from low cost countries label it and then sell them in their own market .In process make good profit . For countries where bakery manufacturing is not so much developed ,people outsource these products from manufacturers ,these could be classic example of trading
Major disadvantage of outsourcing  is  loosing grip over quality  as outsourced  manufacturer might be lax  on quality issues .

 . So if you have money contact these manufacturer,negotiate your price for your type of recipe , packaging and sell .

Waste Heat recovery from biscuit oven stacks

Biscuit manufacturing involves high temperatures for baking .Various type of ovens are available for baking bakery products . Heat recovery can be done for biscuit oven which has 5 - 6 zones basically in indirect Oven .As temperatures are very high ( 400-500degc) on  feed end these stacks are then joined to a common duct which collects heat from these stacks with help of blower and then these flue gases is passed onto the last zone which requires low temperature . This temperature is as low as 180- 200 deg c can be attained by circulating flue gases collected in common duct from these stacks .This eliminates need of one burner all together at coloring zone or last zone .

Fuel is saved by implementing this kind of arrangement . 15 ltrs-20ltrs /hr can be saved

BRITANNIA our own multinational food company

Whenever we go to supermarket to do our monthly grocery shopping we have always seen products stacked are either imported from other countries or manufacturing out sourced here in India . Let it be Pepsi , Coke ,Unilever, Kellogs , Horlics, Cadbury , Nestle --- etc . I was always wondering whether there could be an Indian food company which can match these multinational .With recent takeover s by Lakshmi mittal , Tatas , Birlas , Ranbaxy ,Infosys , Tcs , Videocon we hoped that this will also happen in food industry . Its not that we don't have companies which have potential to become one but I think sheer magnitude of acquiring and competing in foreign land have deterred our companies . To name few
ITC , Parle , Britannia , Amul ,HaldiRam , Dabur --- many more

Britannia 's acquisition of two companies in middle east namely Strategic food international co llc, Dubai ,UAE and Al sallan food Industries ,Sohar ,Oman and recent collaboration with srilankan company has at least taken a lead in food companies to acquire a MNC status, which would give other players a good competition in foreign market .

Britannia with product basket of numerous biscuit and cookies has potential to become a major player in international market .With skilled manpower and R&D in place it can look beyond our shore to compete internationally

Britannias marketing strategies

Britannia being the largest manufacturer in bakery segment has developed a very aggressive marketing strategies for its product in view of tough competition from reputed brands and local products .Britannia in recent years has seen low growth in its market share .

Its has first of all categorised its product into 5-6 Power brands ( GOOD DAY , TIGER , FIFTY-FIFTY , CREAM TREATS , MARIE , MILKBIKIS ) and reduced the numerous sku''s it had in its inventory .Each brand has brand manager responsible for the business.

Diversified into dairy , wafers and snacking products through merger and acquisitions . these has given it some breakthrough from its stagnating market share of bakery products.

Now new focus has been for its categories of wellness and indulgence .Wellness concepts has been introduced for health conscious masses as this lobby becomes more vocal and with fear that the bakery products are not considered as nutritious products hence there are several launches as iron/vitamins/calcium fortified and low or zero fat biscuits .Few Brands would come with some form of fortification such as Nutrichoice , Marie , Tiger with few changes in pack sizes and prices .

What makes bakery product popular

bakery product are becoming more popular now days because of varieties available due to technological advancement and packaging certain categories of bakery product has distinct advantage of shelf life , it has been found that baked goods have shelf life of minimum of six months .
Long Shelf of bakery product like biscuits and cookies had made them popular to armed forces /sailors in earlier days .

Other advantages are that it can be fortified and other ingredients can be topped or mixed it with it . Cakes and breads can easily be prepared in homes in micro oven . The basic raw material the flour is easily available in grocery also the other products like sugar , salts ,baking soda etc .

Bakery products are all weather , all gender , all classes and any time snacks .
Thus its makes them best food category in entire range

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