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Amul to expand its Cookies Business

 Amul Butter

Amul  India's largest  dairy  brand  with products like  milk , cheese , butter , icecreams and numerous other products   has now  decided  to explore  biscuit industry  in a big way .   What might  have prompted  the management of the  AMUL   should be  the  backward  integration available for  major ingredients of  bakery products as  milk , butter , smp and whey powder .Also  low gestation period  and  growth  in bakery demand  has prompted Amul to manufacture biscuits .It  has  selected  to  go for  the premium category of  cookies  .Amul  also wants  to leverage  its country wide  chain of distributors  managing   the retail sales of  its products .It  would  be interesting   to see  as  Amul converts its loyal consumers  to biscuits and cookies .

The pilot  projects   has been  installed and commissioned  in state  of Gujarat  with monthly  output of 20tons   , catering local  demand  from  Anand , Ahmedabad  and Vadodara. Varieties  launched are  cookies  are  coconut, multigrain , chocolate and butter .

Amul has test launched its  cookies in its  nearby towns   to gauge the market , taste and demands for such product  .They  are  not  is hurry  to go national  as it would try  get established locally.

Amul would  take  on well entrenched  players  in biscuit manufacturing  such as Britannia , Parle and ITC  and Mnc's like   United Biscuit , Kraft  and GSKB. Biscuit  market  is estimated to be  Rs 12000/-  crore

Source :ETdt 8Aug2013

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