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Colors Used In Biscuits

Bakery manufacturers uses  various ingredients and methods  to give color  to biscuits and cookies . Colors could be added to biscuits  as

Natural  colors can be categorised  into  following groups
Artificial  colors /  Synthetic

List  of  colors  used  in biscuit  -Distinctively or  in combination

Natural  colors
Curcumin or tumeric
Beta spo- 8 apo-B carotenic acid
Methylester  of   Beta -apo-8 carotenic acid
Ethylester of Beta -apo-8 carotenic acid
Riboflavin, Lactoflavin


Indigo Carmine
Ponceau 4R
Sunset Yellow  FCF
Brilliant Blue  FCF
Fast Green FCF

 Note :Pl refer PFA ,Act 1954  for  permissible limits 


Australian Govt makes Folic acid compulsory for bread

Australian Govt has made Folic acid aadition to bread compulsory from this month asFolic acid has been shown to reduce the risk of babies being born with defects such as spina bifida.


Role of Bakery Ingredients

bakery ingredients

Various Ingredients are used in Bread and Biscuit manufacturing .Each Ingredients has specific role to play during manufacturing process . Here are few major bakery ingredient and their role Sugar Primary role of sugar in bread and biscuit is provide sweetness( taste) to the product .Color to the product due to carmalisation .Color of the crust in bread loaves is due to the sugar .Basic role of sugar is to activate the yeast to produce carbon dioxide and alochol during bread manufacturing .Note: When preparing for mixing yeast is separately being put into ammonium chloride and sugar solution . Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil -( HVO )Main function of HVO is to retain the moisture inside the dough.Give smoothness to the bite . Salt It provides taste to the product . Salt act as controlling agent against wild yeast activity .Thus controlled yeast activity can provide better texture or network .

GMS ( Glycerol Mono stearate)-Its act as emulsifier which binds together the oil and water molecules and it helps bread to hold moisture .

SSL ( Sodium Stearoyl lactilate)-It is also known as Smoother .It is a compound which retains softness in bread and delays staling of bread .

SMP ( Skimmed Milk Powder) Solution-Main function of Skimmed milk powder is to give flavour to the product and sweetens the product.

Ammonium Chloride-Ammonium chloride provides Nitrogen which used to activate yeast in presence of water and sugar.

Bread Improver-These are used for improving texture of bread and add to the flavour.

Dough Conditioner-These are used to strengthen weak flour and generally enzymes alpha - amylase .Its added to break down the starch into sugar and alcohol. These are prepared from fungal sources .

L - cysteine-L -cysteine acts on sulphide groups and proteins and acts as reducing agent . It mellows the dough .

Ascorbic Acid-Ascorbic acid acts as oxidising agent which acts upon the sulphide bonds of amino acid ( gluten) which results in stronger bonds which increases resistance and reduces extensibility of dough.Ascorbic acid reacts slowly and for longer time and is active even at the baking stage .

Potassium Bromate-Potassium bromate too acts as oxidising agent the difference between ascorbic acid and potassium bromate is that its a strong reagent its activity time is short and reaction is strong.It also helps in increasing resistance of dough and reducing extensibility.Note : It is interesting to know that both oxidising and reducing agents are used in bread. The reason to use both are that we need to get balanced property of dough. We can make bread without L- cysteine or Ascorbic acid

Calcium propianate-Calcium propianate acts as preservative. Its main function is to protect product from any fungal infection .Hence increases shelf life of the product. The quantity of Calcium propianate varies with season.In rainy season quantities are increased.

Acetic Acid-Acetic acid is also used as preservative .It protects products from bacterial infection . As it reduces the pH of the dough and turns the dough towards acidic side .Its quantity also varies as per the season.

Yeast - Previous post on Role and type of yeast

What are major Bakery Ingredients

Major Ingredients for bakery are depends upon the nature of bakery products such as whether you want to produce breads , biscuit s , cakes or wafers plus what flavour you want and what color you want in the products .

Basic Categories with Bakery Ingredients are

Basic raw material :
Flour , Fat , Sugar , Salt which are common to all bakery products .There could be little variation in type of flour , type of fat or type of sugar we use for different bakery product that we would discuss in my coming blog posts

Emulsifiers( denoted by E numbers ):
GMS , poly sorbate , lecithin , CSL , SSL

Dough Conditioners
Calcium stearoyl lactylate , Sodium stearoyl lactylate , Sodium stearoyl fumarate ,Potassium bromate , Carrageenan , Tetrasodium pyrophosphate , Fumaric acid

Leavening Agents
Sodium bicarbonate , Ammonium bicarbonate , Yeast , eggs , Gyceroyl monostrate

Tocopherols (Vitamin E) ,Ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate (Vitamin C) ,Erythorbic acid (like vitamin C, but not a vitamin) ,BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) ,BHT (Butylated ydroxytoluene) Sodium citrate ,Lecithin ,Propyl gallate
Sodium benzoate ,Benzoic acid ,Potassium sorbate ,Sorbic acid ,Natamycin ,Triclosan ,Triclocarban ,Hexachlorophene ,Acetic acid (vinegar) ,Salt ,Sugar ,Calcium propionate ,Sodium propionate ,Lactic acid ,Sodium nitrite ,Sodium nitrate ,Propylene glycol ,Butylene glycol ,Honey

Sucrose ,Invert Sugar ,Fructose,High Fructose Corn Syrup ,Neotame ,Acesulfame-K ,Aspartame Sucralose ,Saccharin ,Lactose

Annatto ,Beta carotene ,Carmine ,Saffron ,Turmeric ,,llura Red ,Tartrazine ,Indigo ,Sodium caseinate ,Calcium caseinate ,Ferrous Gluconate

Acetic acid (vinegar) ,Citric acid ,Lactic acid ,Stearic acid ,Phosphoric acid ,Fumaric acid
Tartaric acid
Methyl Vanillin ,Ethyl Vanillin ,Denatonium benzoate
Vanilla ,Monosodium glutamate (MSG) ,Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Ethanol ,SD alcohol ,Stearyl alcohol ,Cetyl alcohol ,Glycerine (glycerol) ,Menthol

Figs, Dates,Prunes , Cherries , Nuts , Coconuts , PeaNuts

Moisture Controller
Glycerine (glycerol) ,Sorbitol ,Sodium PCA ,Propylene glycol ,Butylene glycol ,Panthenol

Corn syrup (mostly glucose) ,Sodium caseinate ,Calcium caseinate ,Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
Polypropylene glycol (PPG) ,Lecithin ,Hydroxymethylcellulose ,Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose
Xylenesulfonates ,Agar ,Gelatin ,Pectin ,Alginate & proplylene glycol alginate,
Starch ,Modified Starch ,Carrageenan ,uar bean gum ,locust bean gum ,Gum Acacia ,Gum Arabic ,Brominated vegetable oil ,Xanthan Gum ,Gum Tragacanth ,Ghatti ,Karaya ,Furcelleran

Sugar prices to continue upward trend

Recent internatiional sugar organisation prediction is that due to deficit in sugar production ,the prices would maintain upward trend. Sugar is major raw material for bakery products . Any swing in prices directly affects bakers around the world .

Check this news article.

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